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    Trial version Expired?

    I’m sorry, that is basically the same answer from Roxio as I received a year ago. It is the other applications fault. Technically correct, but of the maybe 40 software programs I have on my computer why is it only ROXIO software quits working? Why does almost everyone else say the same thing? Just poor customer service. We won’t fix version 9 because we rushed to version 10 that does the same thing!! Why not just swallow a little pride and fix both and have happy satisfied customers that will purchase your software in the future? I know I will never purchase your software again unless you fix my version as well as the newer version. I had this problem from the beginning and so did everyone else. It is not like the software is real old and never had the problem right from the start. Can you say Nero??? If Roxio was to fix version 9 I would probably consider purchasing your software in the future, but without that I never will, and I have a feeling there are a lot of other dissatisfied customers that feel the same way. Gary
  2. ohbjuan

    Trial version Expired?

    Well thanks for your help. When I first ran into the problem and called Roxio I was not impressed at all with their customer service. I kind of got the feeling they were happy to have my money and didn't care if I was happy with the product. I still believe it is their responsibility to come up with a fix. I use McAfee software, but ONLY Roxio software is affected by it. Sounds like a Roxio issue to me. They should fix it. Oh well, I got mine working again and my wife is happy, so that is all that matters!! Thanks again!!
  3. ohbjuan

    Trial version Expired?

    Brendon, Thanks for the info on the repair utility! I had bought my software last year and gave up on Roxio. I did the clean uninstally a few times and finally bought Nero. However my wife likes Roxio so I thought I would go to the website and see if a repair utility had been written. I told Roxio all along that was what they should do to correct the problem as I only have the problem with Roxio software. No other software on my computer does this, and I have a lot of software!! The utility has my software working again. I hope you work for Roxio, if not they should pay you for what they should have done all along!!! Gary
  4. Again, just poor customer service by Roxio. They should fix this problem for the money we paid for the software. I refuse to purchase a new version when I only downloaded this version from them about 6 months ago. Very poor customer service Roxio... Can you say, "Never buy from you again?"