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  1. Hi Ken, Microsoft removed all DVD type facilities when they introduced Windows 8. I believe it was licensing issues with the third party software they used to play/burn DVDs. Windows Media Centre records in a Microsoft proprietary format, WTV. Unfortunately Roxio Creator NXT does NOT recognise this as a valid input format. So your options are to either convert WTV format to dvr-ms format (facility provided within Windows 8 via a right click drop down menu) or find a third party software to convert from WTV to either MPG or AVI. Alternatively use Nero Platinum as I do since this is the only video editor I have found that recognises WTV format without conversion. Regards John
  2. Hi All, Can anyone suggest an answer to this sizing dilemma which I am currently facing? I have three files each in a MKV envelope; File 1 is 1,274,975 KB; File 2 is 1,509,086 KB; File 3 is 1,471,251 KB. Total size is 4,255,312 KB. The files in the MKV envelope are probably compressed and will therefore be larger when extracted. Using MyDVD to put together a disc, the three files, according to the capacity bar, use 10.5 GB before I add any menu, audio etc. This leaves plenty of spare capacity on a 25GB Blu-Ray disc. However, if I carry out the same excercise using Nero 11, at the same point of loading the three files, its capacity bar shows 35 GB being used. So what is going on? Are their extraction routines so different as to give such diverse figures? What happens about the final quality of the videos. More is usually better therefore will Roxio produced discs be lower quality than Nero produced discs? Any suggestions gratefully received. TIA John PS I am using Roxio Creator 2012 Pro with the Blu-Ray add-on.
  3. I, like many others, have been the 'victim' of MyDVD freezing at 97% and on several occasions have just abandoned the project at this point. I sought answers through these forums and took on board most of the advice given, especially when new to the product, but not everything worked. However, I think I have now resolved the problem; at least it has worked for me over the past dozen or so projects. The first part of the solution is to always output the result to either an Image Set (ISO file) or a Folder Set (dedicated folder) from which the DVD can later be written. Then commence to Burn your Project. When MyDVD reaches 97% LET THE PROGRAM RUN. It should eventually complete to 100% BUT it might take some considerable time. I've known it take 45 mins or more. The reason seems to be that MyDVD first renders the movie files into a temporary work space. This rendering takes approx 97% of the time. Once all rendering is complete, MyDVD then needs to process the temporary file(s) and write out the final DVD files in your chosen format (ISO or Folder). This process takes a long time (as I have seen). So be patient, the project will eventually complete (I hope!). John PS. It might help if Roxio was to display more useful information during the burn process to indicate what was being done at each stage.
  4. Hi All, I am editing an audio file which I have captured from cassette tape. To listen to a section of the file, I click on the track location at approximately the time position where I wish to edit the track and a grey bar appears. I then click on the PLAY icon at the bottom and the track plays from that position BUT the grey bar does not move. When I stop the playback, the grey bar moves to the position where the recording was stopped. Is this correct or is it a bug? I expected the grey bar to move across the recording. (It does in other editors I have used). Regards John
  5. Thanks for the suggestion re changing the rendering process, it seems to have cured the problem! I had the setting on Software but changing it to Hardware permits the background picture to be displayed. Changing back to Software rendering, the picture stays BUT when project written to disc, the background picture vanishes. So the answer is to keep the rendering process as Hardware driven and not Software. John
  6. Not really too worried about old EMC10 projects but certainly a problem in C2010 Pro with SP1. This is what I have done: Start MyDVD from main menu, Open a new Project and get the default menu screen, Go to Project Preferences and select 16:9 ratio, Go to Change Menu Style and select new style (Cubes), Go to Change Menu Background and then select the picture I need from its folder (a picture I have used many times before without problem), BUT all that happens is that the background goes black. I have tried other pictures both from the same and different folders with the same result, black screen. Other menu features can be amended without problem e.g. Audio, text. I have tried the above on another PC with C2010 Pro without SP1 and this works without problems. Looks like I shall have to reinstall C2010 Pro without SP1 to overcome this issue. John
  7. Hi Has anyone experienced problems with MyDVD since Creator 2010 Service Pack 1 was installed? I have recently updated 2010 with SP1 and found that I can no longer add my own picture as a backgound to a menu in MyDVD. I have also discovered that MyDVD projects which were created in previous versions of Creator i.e. EMC10 and C2010 pre SP1 which were fine at the time (and written to discs OK) when brought into MyDVD with SP1 applied now lose the background picture which cannot be reinstated. This is extremely annoying! So has anyone any idea what is going on? Is this a bug and if so what is the best way to report to Roxio? Is there anyway to get rid of SP1 or do I need to uninstall completely and reinstall C2010 without SP1? Any assistance greatly appreciated. John
  8. Hi Guys, Thanks very much for your ideas. Using information from all three of you I have managed to resolve the problem. John
  9. Having struggled with this problem for the past couple of days without success, I hope that someone with more knowledge of EMC10 than me can point me in the right direction. I have edited several videos in Videowave and now wish to burn them to DVD. Two videos per disc for quality. I want to set up a Customised Menu Template with a Title at the top followed by two episode titles linked to the videos. I have written the Title with suitable Font parameters and also the two episode titles also with Font parameters. I have saved this new Custom Menu Style with a unique name. However, when I come to set up the DVD Project and change to my new Menu Style, the Title vanishes (although displaying in the preview screen) and reverts back to "My Menu" and the episode titles vanish completely. Any thoughts in resolving this problem would be appreciated as I have a large number of discs to burn and don't want to edit each Menu from scratch! TIA John