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  1. Dont worry. I'm just reading the clean install page and have decided that I've wasted my money! Cant believe the one program I actually bought is giving me such a pain!
  2. I encoded them using flv encoder to mpg files Doing a search now to see what Tivo files are No, as far as I'm aware they are flv files which have been changed to mpg files using flv encoder. The sound is only missing on EMC not on wmp when I play them back
  3. I've not had any experience with burning from scratch, have done copying with no problems. Been through all the forums and cant see any similar problems...Oooh, saw one that mde me make sure I had ticked recording on SPDIF in when encoding from flv files to mpg's I've got some mpg's that play OK in WMP but I cant get any sound when I try to preview them to burn them with Roxio EMC9 suite. I did burn one the first time and get no sound on the DVD in the PC or player. I have tested it preview with other mpg's which work ok. Windows xp IE7 WMP 11