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  1. I had to uninstall EMC10 because it didn't work. Since EMC10 deletes EMC9, I attempted to re-install EMC9. I got the bad key thing resolved. Now, it gets about 90% through the EMC9 reinstallation, and a message comes up that says: "Please insert the disk". The install disk is already in there. I tried the Content disk but that didn't work. Then I put the install disk back in and that doesn't work. So, what disk is it asking for? (After taking 20 minutes to get to this point, I then have to wait another 15 mins while it backs out of the install). Dick K.
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    Roxio software run amuck

    Roxio is truly a software company that has run amuck. I am unable to reinstall EMC9 because Roxio's EMC10 deleted it before installing itself. Then when EMC10 didn't work (because of a C Library Runtime error), I no longer had EMC9 either. When trying to do a reinstall, it keeps asking for another disk to be inserted. Then I find I must go through a full page of instructions to get rid of the EMC9 - when it was Roxio that uninstalled it to begin with. Why should I have to do this - including going into and modifying the registry? THIS IS INSANE!!! In my opinion you people have written software that is a piece of crap, and I have wasted countless hours trying to solve this. Never again will I buy a Roxio product. Dick K.