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  1. Encoded one tivo file to .iso with MyDVD and then burned iso to disc - .iso & DVD both play with sound. Second one encoded to .iso which then plays soundlessly. Come to think of it, this file burned to a soundless DVD before I changed the WMP codec. In WMP, the file plays with sound. How do I figure out why MyDVD is not encoding with sound? Thanks!
  2. esschoir

    Burning Tivo Files To Dvd - No Sound?

    No one has ever heard of this? No one can even hazard a guess?
  3. Hi all - Following advice in another section of these forums, I'm trying to do a Repair re-install to fix some freeze/hang issues with MyDVD and Videowave. The install asked for my EMC 8 CD, I inserted it and pointed to the file it apparently wanted, Roxio Easy Media Creator 8 Suite.msi. But when I opened that file on the disc, the installer thought about it for a few moments, then announced that 'Roxio Easy Media Creator 8 Suite.msi" is not a valid installation package for "Roxio Easy Media Creator 8 Suite' huh?? Anyone know what gives?? Thanks!
  4. The thing is, the dialog box called by the install procedure is specifically looking for an msi file, and won't let me drop down to any other type file. If I cancel that install and just try to run setup.exe from the CD, it tells me that file is not a valid win32 application. WTF? Why is doing a simple re-install such a hassle??
  5. esschoir

    MyDVD 8 & TiVo videos

    Chiming in to say I'm having the same problem with EMC 8. Yesterday I managed to burn a regular size (4.7 gig) DVD with a single tivo recording transcoded by MyDVD 8. Today I'm getting nowhere - My DVD 8 is freezing/not responding, most often when adding a movie (tivo recording), but also upon simpler tasks like changing menu styles or adding text to the menu. Task manager reports MyDVD is not responding, but the Microsoft error reporting routine that comes up says that videowave8.exe is actually the app that is hanging.
  6. I just added a Sony DRU-510A burner to my Dell Dim 8400 because the existing DL burner (Philips DVD8631) is starting to get a little flaky. Meantime I’d like to update the firmware in the Sony, and of COURSE I’m going to pay attention to their instructions before flashing. I realize this is a bit OT but bear with me. One of the instructions is to “uninstall any packet writing software, such as [DLA], [DirectCD], [b's CLiP] etc, from the PC” All I have is Roxio EMC 8, with drag-to-disc. I assume that qualifies as "packet writing software"? I didn't see any way to just uninstall drag-to-disc, so it looks like I’d have to uninstall the entire suite just to get rid of D2D. Does that sound right? Many TIA for your help.
  7. esschoir

    Drag-to-disc And Upgrading Firmware On Dvd Burner

    Thanks Bruce - I was hoping there was an easier way. I'll try it your way and I'm sure it will work out fine. BTW, I noticed your sig, and I don't get enough chances to thank veterans for their service to our country. So thank you! What you did for our country will never be forgotten!