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  1. Hi - I just moved from xp to Win 7 & my copy of Roxio isn't compatable. Is there any workaround or other option - all i do with it is burn an occasional CD. After purchasing a new computer I hate to be forced into buying a lot of new software as well. Thanks.
  2. Hi - Thanks for thr reply. I think that's enough for me to gret started. I have roxio 7 but it's old & there isn't a forum for it. I figured the process would be similar.
  3. Hi - I actually have an older version of Roxio... I want to copy a dvd to my cloud storeage & post a link to friends to view it. Is this possible? The dvd has a video TS folder with several files in it. Not sure what to put as the destination, or if Box (the cloud service) will accept it, or if people will be able to view it? Thanks for yr help!!
  4. It's been going on for a few weeks now & I haven't known what to do about it. Thanks for your response!
  5. When I right click something, such as "favorites" (in my p c) the EMC installer keeps trying to install - and it is already installed. How can I stop this? Thanks!!
  6. Thanks very much! Does a repair install mean remove and reinstall from the beginning with the CD Rom?
  7. Sorry - i didn't realize this was only blackberry. My problem is with EMC 7 (there's no forum for 7 so I posted to 8) - when I right click something such as a favorite (on p c) the installer keeps popping up and trying to install. Over and over...
  8. Same problem with EMC 7...no reply from tech support yet.