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    Fades Are Only Saved Occasionally

    I'm in Toast 8.05. Trying to create a group of songs to burn to a CD. When I use the custom fade function, say, putting a fifteen second segue between two songs the fade I set will only be saved maybe half of the time. I have to quite Toast, relaunch, and then do the crossfade again and then it will be saved. But a couple of songs later, the same problem will occur when trying to save another crossfade. I have to quit, relaunch, do the fade again and then it will be saved. What gives?
  2. zenpop

    Horrid popping, crackling m4a files...

    Why is no one from Roxio answering this issue. It's really terrible. Essentially I can't use the software on a brand new Mac. Why?
  3. I just purchased Toast Titanium 8. Today when trying to burn some tunes I purchased through beatport I noticed a horrible popping and crackling distortion sound added to the tracks. At first I thought the m4a file must have been 'bad' so I double checked by putting the tune into my version of Toast 5, just to see if it was indeed corrupt. It converted the file and played it back perfectly, no distortions whatsover. Then I put it into iTunes and it played the file back perfectly. I then shut down and re-launched Toast 8 again, had it convert the file (actually it converts the file itself when you drag the m4a over to the window) and I got the same terrible popping and cracking sound. Please help! This is really awful and not what I paid for in purchasing the new version of Toast.