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  1. When using Roxio 11 Pro, my files are alphabetized regardless of how I add them to a disk. How can I stop it from doing this.?
  2. I make the slideshow in Videowave and then output it and convert and burn it in ConvertXtoDVD. The problem was with a setting I changed in ConvertXtoDVD. Thank you for your response. Can I make a no menu slideshow with Videowave?
  3. I made a slideshow with about 500 pictures and the words "Chapter" and "play" show on every picture. I evidently hit the wrong button somewhere because I have made hundreds of these with no problem. Please help. I am making a 50 yr reunion video for a classmate who has cancer and is dying and I need to get it to him ASAP. He could not attend the reunion. Thanks for any input. The words do not show when I preview the production.
  4. pjhall

    Blank Frames

    I appreciate all your input and will try these ideas. I have made hundreds of these slideshows and they are always big files. I've also thought about just deleting those blank panels and adding the missing pictures at the end of the production since the last half did not have blanks. Thanks to everybody for your ideas. I have been without electricity for the last 30 hours or would have answered sooner.
  5. pjhall

    Blank Frames

    I have made hundreds of these slideshows. The pictures were all taken with the same cameras, all edited in Photosuite and all made exactly the same way. When I preview it, all the pictures show, but when I output, some panels are blank.
  6. pjhall

    Blank Frames

    No, we don't. I don't have an unedited copy.
  7. pjhall

    Blank Frames

    They weren't tried without being edited. They were all edited the same and there are no blank ones in the last half of a 17 minute slideshow.
  8. pjhall

    Blank Frames

    I edited them with Photosuite. I have made hundreds of dvds with this and never had this problem. I create my slideshow in Videowave and then output. The last half is missing no pictures.
  9. pjhall

    Blank Frames

    I am making a slideshow and when I started the output, a lot of the pictures in the first half of it are coming up blank. The second half is fine. All the pictures were taken at the same time and edited with the same program. I have had this problem the last few times and went back and replaced those blanks with the same picture but this time when I did that, there were even more blank. I have Roxio Creator 11 Pro. Any help would be very much appreciated.
  10. My tracks used to stay exactly the way I added them on Creator 11 but now it automatically puts them in alphabetical order before it burns, mixing different kinds of music. I've looked at settings but cannot find anyway to stop this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Ok. I always put it about three pictures out and then drag it against the other one. I've made hundreds and never had this problem before. Thanks for the help.
  12. I clicked on about the third picture to the right of the scrubber or line or whatever it is called.
  13. I did that. I already have eight songs on it and they went on just fine. I tried moving it several different places but all the same, audio cannot be added at this position.
  14. I have almost completed a Halloween slideshow with Videowave. I have everything except adding the music to about the last 1/4 of the pictures. When I try to add it says audio cannot be added at this point. I have made hundreds of slide shows and I am not too close to the last song. Any thoughts?