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  1. PERSONAL SYSTEM INFO: My personal PC is a Gen2 hyper-cooled i7-2600K overclocked to 4.5 GHz, 32 GB DDR4 RAM, Samsung Evo960 500 GB SSD 'boot' disk, 2 ea. 4 TB data disks, 1 ea. 3 TB data disk, 8X blu-ray burner, 24X DVD burner, Nvidia GT710 w/ 2GB DDR5, Intel PCIe gigabit Ethernet (onboard gigabit disabled), Win10 64-bit "PEER-SERVER" INFO: i5-6500 @ 3.2 GHz, 16 GB DDR3, Samsung Evo 860 500 GB SSD 'boot' disk, 5 TB RAID-1 data disks, 4TB RAID-5 data disks, 3TB RAID-1 disks, identical 24X DVD burner, Nvidia GT710 w/ 1 GB DDR5, Win10 64-bit NETWORK INFO: 24-port gigabit Ethernet accessing gigabit fiber optic (CenturyLink), 7 PCs/laptops for 2 users in different offices THE SCENARIO: We use this 'peer-server' to store nearly all our data, including the videos we capture from both an HD digital camera, and OTA (over-the-air) television recordings. Up until now, I had still been using my old Roxio 2012 Pro ('cuz it worked for all the things I normally need) but after Win 10 20H2 update, I decided it was time to 'get current', so roughly some 4 or 5 months ago, I bought Roxio NXT8, but had not used it for much of anything til this past week, when (as per our 'norm'), we 'time-shift' recorded a recent OTA PBS program we found interesting and wanted to excerpt one short section to show family members who had missed the broadcast. That OTA recording was moved from the PC we use for OTA recording to a shared location on the peer server (and I even watched it again from that location using VLC media software because that can play Windows TV recordings - *.wtv file format). So I figured I would use VLC to convert .wtv to .mp4 and use Roxio to then create virtually any format I wished, and of course VLC did a pretty fast job of trans-coding that. But when I simply attempted to find and access that recording with Roxio, it was like swimming in oatmeal (or attempting to..). It actually took Roxio over a full minute to simple access the shared location and 'find' this recording to begin my intended project. At first, I thought maybe my mouse batteries had 'died' because anything on the peer-server took that same full minute to 'open', but of course that was not the case. Roxio NXT8 appears to simply have 'real issues' just "navigating" to any location other than a 'local drive'. Local disks access is acceptable (albeit maybe a tad slower than I've been used to), but network access is abysmal. And BTW: I did UN-install and re-install NXT8, thinking maybe that might be of some help, but - nope. Still takes over a full minute to access any folder on the 'server' IF I'm trying to do anything with Roxio. So, why? Is this 'normal' for NXT8? Roxio 2012 was not this slow. Anyone have anything to suggest? Really frustrating for a 'brand new' Roxio version to act like this.
  2. My wife just completed her thesis presentation and I recorded it on our brand new HD camcorder. It would appear it recorded this roughly 1hr 46 min. lecture in MP4 format (although no doubt I could use my old Roxio Creator 2012 Pro to convert it to practically any format, I'd guess...), but I just cannot get a 'useful' DVD for payback in a DVD/BluRay player that is connected to our 4K TV by using Creator 2012 (which was the last version I presently own, altho I'm certainly NOT adverse to 'upgrading' if it will make something like this easier to accomplish). Since the 'rest of the family' would also like a DVD disk of their own (and most do NOT have a BR disk player), I'm just trying NOT to suffer a mental breakdown in making this attempt. I have this video on my hard disk in my Win10 PC in both MP4 and MPEG-2 formats so, I'm looking for suggestions on how to accomplish this soon (like, by next week..?). It's been WELL over 8 or more years since I even broke out my old Roxio Creator 2012 and attempted anything like this so.. NO, I'm no longer even minimally 'conversant' with Roxio (Just sayin'...). Any help out there for this (seemingly herculean) effort...?
  3. It's been quite a while since I've needed to do any video editing with my Roxio 2012 Pro, but I've been asked to do just this with a series of one hour lectures my wife attended, and which she recorded with her new HD recorder that saved these files in an mp4 file format to the Samsung Evo 128 GB SSD storage device we've attached to it (BTW: these lectures can be viewed flawlessly from the SSD when I attach it to my PC - just sayin'...). My intent is to edit out the 'junk' from both beginning and end using VideoWave, and this went well with the first two (of ten) videos... Everything went as l'd expected with the exported file (altho painfully slow, no doubt), but when I attempted a third video, I suddenly I began getting the message "unable to build render graph" when exporting the file to a separate folder on my PC ( which is all done on my 'tried-and-true' i5-2500K @3.7 GHz, AMD Radeon R9-200 series video W/4 GB RAM, 32 GB system RAM, Samsung Evo 500 GB SSD 'boot disk', three Seagate 1 TB 'data drives', one LG Blu-Ray 'burner', 2 ea, IOMagic DVD 'burners', Windows 10 Pro 64-bit ... blah-blah-blah... just so's you know what I'm doing this on). So - I see a couple of others on these forums who've also had this happen (albeit when using other versions of Roxio other than this 'aging' version of EMC 2012), and yet it seems as tho what I'm experiencing is a bit 'unique' 'cuz there are no 'spaces' in either the folder name, nor the output file, and this seems to have happened between two successful efforts over the course of two days using the same folder and output file config, but now this fails routinely on the third day. So - anyone have any ideas or concepts of what is causing this and how I can 'fix' it? I've made multiple attempts to 'repair' the EMC installation, I've also un-installed and re-installed (no joy) , un-installed and deleted all EMC folders I can find and done yet another install (still 'no-joy'), but nothing seems to help. Hardware testing shows everything 'tests' OK, and I've installed the latest drivers for my video card, but nothing has alleviated this problem. Neither has changing from 'hardware' rendering' to software... I'm just about to consider buying another 'video editing' suite (if I must), but in the past EMC has always worked for me, and everything I read says EMC 2012 IS 'compatible' with Win10 although this is only the second or third time I've needed to use EMC since I was 'forced' off of Win7 Ultimate this past August, and certainly the first time I've needed to do any video editing since then.... but why did it work well with the first two and 'die' on the third? Bizarre... Video card maybe? SEEMS OK but... y'never know when two year old hardware can screw up, do ya? I CAN replace this with a brand new Nvidia GTX610 video card that I bought for a new system I was gonna load Linux on, if it might be of any help. Suggestions? Input? A little help..?
  4. billz

    Easy Cd - Bdr Capable?

    The firm I work for wants me (the IT nerd), to "..locate some 'capable', but not too costly.." "burning software" for CD/DVD burning (100% all 'internal' data), that "...simply works.. no headaches..". Well, since I've used Roxio Easy Media products since pretty much FOREVER, of course I'm gonna 'opt' for Roxio over something like Nero, any day. So, I was thinking I'd just grab Easy CD for this purpose 'cuz y'can't beat the price and I KNOW it works.. But then today, they JUST dropped another one on me, by asking me to also provide BDR capability for 'archiving' a boatload of old data from the server... And if this is the case, then I'd prefer to find something that can also accommodate some higher storage capacities, like BDR-XL (multi-layer disks up to 100+ GB and more..). So, I'm looking at the LG WH14NS40, which accommodates 'multi-layer' media, has good 'reviews', and is NOT very costly, at all (and since I think this is going to be a "goes-no-where" situation, here, I don't want to get into this by throwing too much expense at this... You know who's gonna "catch it" if I 'invest' a lotta bucks in this.. Got THAT T-shirt, already...) but you see where I'm going with this... Does Easy CD also accommodate, support BDR and BDR-XL up to this capacity? - or should I look at another product? All systems are a 60/40 mix of Windows 7 Pro 64-bit and Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. All PCs have a minimum of 8 GB DDR3 RAM, all PCs are a minimum of i3@2.2GHz (most i5 or are 'better'). So what's everyone's input/suggestion? Easy CD or NXT.. or what?
  5. I 'suddenly' seem to be having a small problem - but I'm not certain one would call it a program error/crash/ or hang, although it is a bit of a problem for me - or at least just an 'inconvenience'... Using 'Label Creator' from EMC, I've been creating labels for my Lightscribe burner for a quite a while (like over a year, using more than my current version of EMC), and where once upon a time not long ago I was able to get a pretty fast 'preview' of any given label when I want to 'print' it, now it can take up to a full minute to achieve the same 'preview', and seemingly, this also happens if I was to choose to simply print to a paper label (yech - phooey - I LIKE LIghtscribe!). So, I was wondering what might have happened - or what I might have done that made this so slow to appear? I DID just somewhat recently 'upgrade' to EMC 2012 from EMC 2010, but I'd be a bit hesitant to believe THIS might have caused this.... We have EMC 2012 installed on my wife's PC and she can do the same thing and get an nearly 'immediate' preview of a label she's making - and her PC is most assuredly NOT the performance level of my new i5 2500K system. She has an Intel Q9550 (2.88 GHz) and 8 GB of RAM under Windows 7 Pro 64-bit - and I have (as I said) a 'brand new' i5 2500K with 16 GB of RAM under Windows 7 Pro 64-bit... so I'm surprised this 'preview' of the image would take more than twice the time as her PC. I've made certain the Lightscribe software is the most current and I've un-installed and re-installed EMC 2012 at least twice, but I still have this recurrent issue of a pretty darned slow 'preview' of the label image. Anyone have any idea why this might be...? Most assuredly, this is NOT huge problem - but 'idle curiosity' makes me wonder why it seems to have happened only recently when it always 'popped up' this preview image pretty quickly before. Just wondering if I could 'fix' this somehow .... although I admit I am somewhat 'impatient' with things that went 'POP!" before and now do not....
  6. Well... my 'fix' didn't last long... neither of what I thought were the 'offending' programs are installed, but 'preview' is back to taking WELL over a minute to appear (which is faster than it once was before I started looking into this) ... so obviously I still have some work to do on my computer. I'm thinking I might have to un-install one program after another - testing Label Creator each time a program is un-installed - until I find the 'critter' that caused this. By the same token, my wife's PC is still working quite well with Label Creator and not experiencing any problems with this - She routinely gets an image 'preview' in mere seconds - and she has nearly everything (software-wise) that I have installed (albeit that she is not the 'tinkerer' wwith her system as I am), so arguably there's something 'unique' to my system making this delay happen ... One would've thought that un-installing Roxio - deleting all the folders related to Roxio (from all locations) would've fixed this initially - but such is not the case.... so I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that this must be something in the registry that was 'hosed'.... But I'll post what my efforts reveal as it happens - no doubt someone else is gonna suffer from this, too... But EVENTUALLY I WILL get this working well again, of that I am certain. God knows I sure don't want to 'blow away' Windows 7 Ultimate - AGAIN just so I can get this working properly (long story - been down that 'full re-installation' path one time too many in the past) .... But, in the meantime, if anyone stumbles across a potetnial 'fix' - I'd sure like to hear of it...
  7. AHA!! Fixed it myself !! and thought I'd post what I'd found... I un-installed a couple of items that I found in my 'installed programs' area from both Microsoft and Intel that seemed to be causing this. One was the "Microsoft Windows 7 Debugging Tool (64-bit)", another was the "Intel Integrator Toolkit" (I build and sell 'custom' PCs and was told this 'tool' was a 'must-have' by a person I should have maybe been suspect of earlier). BOTH of these seem to have caused this - at least in MY PC.... I first un-installed the debugging tool - and it seemed 'faster' - only 36 seconds to get the image preview. Then I un-installed the integrator toolkit - and BINGO! I am back to getting an image preview in under a second. And I am once again a happy EMC user.... Gotta stop listening to these 'helpful people' at my supplier's forum meetings... These 'suggestions' were no help... fer d****d sure....
  8. Having only recently purchased my 'upgrade' to EMC 2012 for a couple of new projects, now that these are complete, they've asked me to see if I can remove the 'jitter' or shake from a very short (7 sec.) handheld video sequence. From the appearance of this, they tried to minimize the shaking by using the surface of a large boulder as support, but I think this person must've had a bit of a 'hard night' earlier... The video is only short sequence in a somewhat 'standard' quality, no doubt from an inexpensive digital camera (original resolution was only 640 X 480 from what the video properties shows me..). The 'shaking' is not terribly pronounced, but a little unfortunate considering the relatively low image quality - but try, I must, to 'stabilize' this short sequence. So how doews one go about 'stabilizing' a video sequence in Roxio EMC 2012? This is most definitely not something I am familiar with so 'step' me through how this is done - IF it is indeed possible...
  9. We have a CD music disk that we've created and also want to include in the 'standard' ("full-sized") CD case a multi-page booklet/insert, as we've seen in other productions like ours. Is it possible to create a 'multi-page' booklet for a CD case using lable creator? Or is this something I need to do like 8 times, using the booklet template, in order to assemble my own booklet that contains four pages and 'manually' duplex print them?? Our Xerox color laser has a duplexer unit on it for printing both sides of a piece of paper - and it would be 'convenient' if it was possilbe to design a 'multi-page' booklet that could then just be sent to the duplex printer... Naturally, for this 'prototype' since we're using 'standard' 8 ½ X 11 paper, we'd have to cut and fold this booklet manually (at least for now until the entire design is finalized), but just achieving a multi-page design is what I'm attempting for now... Is this a possiblity in Roxio Creator 2010, or should I try to locate another product? I suppose that laying this out in MS Word or some other software is a possibility also. Just need to get this to a point that it 'looks' something like a 'finished project' ...
  10. After installing Roxio10 on my 'new' Vista Ultimate (X64) PC, I immediately began having problems with 'importing' any video formats when using MyDVD and most all other aspects of video conversion. As is the case with so many others, I got the error message: "R6025 Runtime error. Pure Virtual function call". In an attempt to 'fix' this, I found and followed the instructions that were suggested by others on the 'Roxio Community users forum' wherein I un-installed and re-installed (which did not help), so (as was suggested) I installed DirectX 9 (also no help), so I un-installed and used the Microsoft Install Clean-up tool to remove all aspects of Roxio and all Sonic products (as recommended), and deleted all folders related to Roxio or Sonic in both the "Program Files' area and from within the 'Users' folder(s). However, this also did not help after I'd re-installed EMC10 - for the third time... So I've AGAIN performed all the instructions suggested in the article found in 'Roxio community forum' but now I have an entirely different problem... When RE-installing EMC 10 it APPEARS that it is installing properly - but when it completes, there is no trace of EMC 10 on my PC. After installation, there is no Roxio folder inside of "Program Files (x86)" and there are no folders in any of the "Users" folders either.... Roxio is NOT installed (!!?). So - I have to ask... How can I get Roxio 10 'back' so I can at least 'burn' the videos I already have created and that I need for my work? All of my pre-existing videos have been stored on my hard disk in an "ISO" format so that I WAS able to 'burn' multiple copies, but now (without Roxio installed - and apparently unable to re-install) I'm unable to complete the tasks I've been paid to accomplish.... Roxio 10 had worked flawlessly when I was operating under Windows XP Pro, but Vista seems to be the 'death knell' for my Roxio 10 software... And to be brutally honest about it, I'm not very 'motivated' to purchase a newer version of Roxio after this experience.... even if I CAN purchase an 'upgrade' package at a slightly reduced cost... Can anyone help me with this problem? Or do I need to totally rebuild my PC again and reload ALL of Windows and all the other software I need...? I've already 'wasted' almost 15 hours in troubleshooting this problem and STILL have no Roxio to use on my PC....
  11. So - after many, many, MANY tries, I am forced to give up.... No progress whatsoever.... can't install EMC 10 and have it function for longer than one single usage - and I am 'fed up'... I can't even get it to install properly and continue to work on this brand new re-install of Windows ... I've owned EVERY version of Roxio since ver. 5 Platinum and never had as many issues as this... So I guess I'll just go buy some other 'package'... Sonic/Roxio... you've lost a customer. Which is too bad, 'cause I USED to think it was a great software package.
  12. Uh - yep... (I guess I should've listed ALL the 'potential fixes' I've attempted with this - but then I'm not certain I can even REMEMBER how many things I've tried so far...). I've even paid Microsoft about $90 trying what THEY said I should try to get it working again... and of course this too was no help (I love it when they tell me to format my hard disk and start from scratch - which is what one 'tech' suggested.... uh-huh...). But then again, Microsoft is also blaming Sonic/Roxio for this problem, too... (naturally it has NOTHING to do with THEIR software...). So right now I'm 'manually 'hacking' the registry to remove all Roxio references to see if I can at least get EMC10 're-installed' (BTW: not to worry - I've been a Windows PC and MS OS service person for over 20 years and I've done this too many times to count - I know all about backing up registry entries in the event I 'hose' something). So even if I DO 'screw the pooch' here, I'm certainly no worse off since I'm pretty much innured to what comes next and (reluctantly) prepared to restore the whole thing from my 'clean' image of Vista Ultimate (see - even 'old dogs' learn a thing or two after servicing Windows PCs for as long as I have...). As soon as I get this accomplished - I'll be back here to 'post' my results. I shoulda known better than to try Vista ... again (for the fourth time). But until Win7 is released, I'll keep 'pluggin' along'....
  13. I've been using Roxio (in one version or another) since - oh, about ver. 5 or earlier...(?). And I've gotten SORTA comfortable with my new EMC 10 - almost... (there's a lot of stuff in there, ya know..?) But, one thing that I find a tad 'frustrating' is that I can't actually 'find' the 'disk image loader' aspect for quick access...(usually I just make a 'shortcut' to this on my desktop so I can start it when I need it...) I SOMETIMES use the "disk image loader" to enable access to a CD or DVD "resource" instead of actually finding and loading the disk into one of my drives... And the disk image loader makes this possible since MOST of these 'resources' are already created as "ISO" images on my W2K3 server - which makes this a real convenience when I need this. But where the heck is the disk image loader 'program' actually located in the EMC 10 installation...? Loading the EMC 10 "home" program isn't ALL that quick in loading up, y'know...? Even on my Quad 9250 (which I thought was pretty quick) .... but then ALL of us are inherently impatient, right...? I just want to make this same old 'desktop shortcut' that I'm so used to under EMC 8 and the like... Being essentially a 'lazy' kind of guy, I'd like to have this 'readily available' when I need it... Any help here....??