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    Result Code -208 with iPod Exports

    I've been trying to export VIDEO_TS folders (from MTR) as iPod videos with my new copy of Toast (8.0.3). Some of these exports have been gone smoothly, but others are causing problems. I've been selecting files from my desktop with the Media Browser as directed and then selecting the export option, only to be told that there is a Result Code -208 preventing me from exporting (and oddly enough, this is a different error than I was getting before; it used to be -9011 but that seems to have disappeared now). Does anybody know what this means or have any suggestions? Is it possible that this is a problem with the file or disc it was extracted from and not a problem with Toast? BTW: I'm running Tiger on a MacBook. Thanks.
  2. saturnalia9

    Toast Errors in Popcorn?

    Yes, I did extract using the Media Browser. I've actually been able to export a few new VIDEO_TS folders to iPod format since yesterday, but there is a new and interesting development: I'm still getting an error on some exports but now the result code is -208 instead of -9011. Strange, n'est pas?
  3. saturnalia9

    Toast Errors in Popcorn?

    Thanks so much for the advice! Maybe I should go ahead and test Popcorn out--I just got Toast yesterday so I'm well within my 30-day time limit. Meanwhile, I have been able to export a few folders without incident (BTW-I acquired the VIDEO_TS files via MTR and I'm running Tiger on my MacBook). Out of curiosity, what's the general percentage of files that have the PCM audio problem? because if it's infrequent I might be less bothered by the whole thing. I just really want to consolidate all of these functions into a single program (other than MTR) because right now I've got handbrake, isquint and a few other random goodies taking up space on my HD along with iDVD and I'd rather just keep it simple. Thanks again!
  4. saturnalia9

    Toast Errors in Popcorn?

    I recently purchased Toast and unfortunately it's not functioning as I'd hoped. Whenever I try to export Video_TS file to an iPod friendly format I get a -9011 Result Error. This was supposedly fixed in 8.0.3 but according to this thread in the Toast forum, the bug still exists. I'm competent with mac/techno issues to a degree, but solving this issue reaches beyond my understanding (Not to mention the fact that I bought Toast in order to simplify the process rather than complicate it). So, anyway, I have two questions: 1) Does Popcorn have this same problem (the -9011 error)? and 2) If not, should I save $50 by "downgrading" to Popcorn? I primary want to burn Video-TS files to DVDs and export my own DVDs to an iPod format, so is there any benefit to having Toast in this situation? Thanks for any input!
  5. saturnalia9

    Error 9011 in Toast 8

    I appear to be having the same problem, but all of the techo-lingo is going over my head here. PCM, Streamclip...can somebody give me the remedial rundown here? I have a basic working knowledge of Mac intricacies, but there's a line where things go fuzzy and this is crossing it.