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    Burn Disk Image Error

    Thanks for the reply. Verbatim disks are top of my shopping list for tomorrow. I came across a possible solution for POWER CALIBRATION AREA ERROR. Locate IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service and set startup type to disable. I've gone through the list of services a few times and can't locate this anywhere, could this have anything to do with the problems i'm having?
  2. My initial problem when trying to burn a DVD was the following error, Failed to start the image writing operation Error while Burning Image__80004003 Error while Aborting. After reading through similar problems, i thought i had found the fix by first burning to image file and then using the disk copier to burn to DVD. I saved the ISO file to my desktop and when i tried to burn ( with DVD+R blank DVD's), i got the following error: There was a problem writing to disk. sense:03 ASC:73 ASCQ: 03 (command 5b) pxdll 4.30 .13.0 pxafs.dll:4.30 .13.0 pxdrv.dll: 1.02.61a pxmas.dll:4.30 .13.0 pxsfs.dll:4.30 .13.0 pxwave.dll:4.30 .13.0 pxwma.dll:1,0,0,3 I am running vista home premium SP2 processor : pentium dual core T4200 2.00 GHz CD ROM drive: Matshita dvd-ram uj880as memory: 3GB RAM with 153GB of 223GB free space on hard drive. Can anyone please tell me how i can fix this?
  3. I got a new pc a while ago and it came with a roxio creator & MyDVD 9.0 DE disk. After the installation, when i open up roxio home, there is no option for me to create a DVD. I looked at the programs installed and MyDVD DE isn't there I have un installed and re installed it making sure that the MyDVD box is checked before starting the installation, but still it doesn't install Can anyone help me out as to how to get it installed?? Thanks