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  1. I used to be able to create new disks but now the process suspends when I click create, then either DVD or CD. I can still use MyDVD to copy discs. I suspect that this is not due to a conflict with IE 7 or WMP 11, because they were loaded for a while and MyDVD worked. Do WINAMP and WINAMP REMOTE cause problems? How can I determine what MyDVD is looking for: device, driver, table MyDVD and not get access to?
  2. OK after lots of rolling back and restoring and tidying up, my solution is to download Nero
  3. I didn't find anything. Repeated repair installs on myDVD and rebooting doesn't help. I don't get any error msg. I do still have a security download for IE 7 but I can't uninstall it. I think this is why IE 7.0 appears in the list of installed programs with no option to remove or change.
  4. The only reason that I have a windows machine is for audiovisual software that isn't readily available for linux. When I want an operating system microsoft is not my first choice. So I uninstalled/rolled back to IE 6 and wmp 10. I got a little carried away and also removed some windows thing with "runtime" inh the name that I now see the uninstall instructions say not to do, also something with "move" in the name. I repaired myDVD. I still have the same problem but perhaps for new reasons.
  5. That is entirely possible, though I'm not sure of the order of events. I now have IE7.0.5730.11. Yesterday I uninstalled Winamp and reinstalled with 5.5. By "winplayer" do you mean winamp, or WMV?
  6. I am trying to create a DVD of my own materiial. I can open myDVD LE v7 , select "video", then "create video", but when I choose either "DVD" or "VCD", the process suspends and turns into an icon in the taskbar. This is a new problem. Things used to work just fine.