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    cannot print to disk

    NONE of the suggestions work in Roxio label creator 10 for the HP printers, even after reading AND following all the suggestions. No such item as "generic paper" shows, just "plain paper", I have even tried re-installing, no luck. Using a4 cuts off the top of the label, a5 gives more of the label but still chops the top off. I even tried purchasing an Epson printer, it still does not work properly, so I took it back. I am now using an HP D5360. That didn't help either. I can print perfectly using Roxio express labeler, but I don't have the flexibility of editing that label creator offers. The EMC program is just faulty. No amount of tweaking has helped. EMC just does not play well with XP Media Center OS, and neither HP, Microsoft, or Roxio support have been of any useful assistance. $100 bucks down the drain for direct to disk printing. I am afraid to try to do any recording to the disks, the specialty disks are too expensive to keep mucking up. I may try to install it on my laptop which is running XP Pro instead. It may be some sort of compatability issue with the media center programming. The one good thing, light scribe works fine, but is a bit hard to read for people with poor eyesight. Thanks for trying.
  2. purpletiger

    cannot print to disk

    Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately, I don't seem to be able to override the default paper type settings that come up inside the EMC print window. paper type = Epson Stylus papers only. Even when media window is set to "Print to Disk" in the page setup. I have tried all the settings for the printer, adjusted the print spooler, and tried everything I can find in the documentation to edit the "paper Type" so it refers to direct to disk printing. I don't want to use paper labels because they jam within the players, or throw off the weight of the disk. I will try again, but so far I still have nothing but a lank "printable" CD, and error messages.
  3. purpletiger

    cannot print to disk

    I am using an HP Photosmart D5160 printer and it will not print diret to the CD disk when using EM 10 software. I have tried EVERYTHING, including all of the useless support resources from HP AND Roxio with no resolution. HELP, please.