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    Invalid Key Code

    I found this link and it worked. I downloaded the fix patch and the program installed. I haven't used it but it installed and opened when I tried to open it. Weather it works the way it should remains to be seen. http://kb.roxio.com/content/kb/Creator/000...R?set-locale=en
  2. Bettygodda

    Invalid Key Code

    I'm having the same problem. I upgraded the iTunes a couple of weeks ago and now the Roxio EMC9 will no longer work. I uninstalled my EMC9 and tried to reinstall and now I keep getting the invalid key code. I clicked on the link above but it takes me to a page that does not exist anymore. I have now uninstalled iTunes, seeing it might be the culprit. How do I fix the invalid key now? I've spent at least 8 hours today trying everything but nothing seems to let the program install.
  3. Bettygodda

    Will only playback using Roxio DVD player

    I had edited my origianl post to answer your question. I unclicked "fit to disk" and I'm using Roxio9, create a DVD with My DVD. I have no way to tell what kind of a file it saved. My windows explorer cannot read the disk. I get a message that it is not a windows suppoted file. It will play just fine using the Roxio player.
  4. Bettygodda

    Will only playback using Roxio DVD player

    The only media I use and have been using for at least three years is RIDATA DVD+R, I have never had a problem with any disk playing on any of my players. This Slideshow disk I made will only play using the Roxio DVD player on my computer. It plays just as planned there. Windows does not even recognize the file, it tells me it is a file that Windows does not use. I have no way to tell if it burned as an >avi file or not. I can say that it took about an hour or more to process and then only took up a very small space on the disk. I've burnt 3 disks and all have the same problem. I followed all the instructions for making the DVD and it makes me wonder if the disk is finalized. I tried to finalize it again but the program will not do it. I finally gave up and used a ULEAD program I have had for years and it worked perfectly. I'm disappointed that everyone seems to be having a problem and all the help we get is "try new media" ot "try another DVD player". It has to be a problem with the program. Not everyone has burning problems. Like I said I've upgraded the drivers for both my burner and video card.
  5. I've upgraded both my Plextar firmware as well as my NiVidia Video Drivers. I burned a slide show and it will not only Not play on any TV DVD player but it will only play using the Roxio DVD player. I tried to access the files using "Microsoft XP Explorer" and I get a message that it is a type of file that windoes does not recognize. I tried three times, I unchecked the boxes recommended in another post and that did not help at all. I was burning about 800 slides and it took up about 1/2" on the disk when burned. I used another program I had and it would only let me put on 500 slides and it filled the disk. What is happening here. Any ideas? Don't talk media because I've only used Plextar recommended media for the past three years and have had no media failures. HELP! I'm using Roxio 9, Create a DVD with My DVD. I unchecked the "fit to Disk" box