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    Hello does anyone have a preset for 1080p 23.97 using procoder or anything else.. Dvdit pro hd 6 is always making me re encode the stream Jim
  2. Jim Morrison

    Can't Burn Blu Ray Disc

    HI I'm using XP PRo using version 6.4 I added the PS3 Patch . Everything seems to build but it just doesn't burn to my Blu Ray Burner Sony Any ideas ? Thanks
  3. Jim Morrison

    Return To Loop Point

    Thanks but that would just cut the music.
  4. Jim Morrison

    Return To Loop Point

    HI I'm creating a Blu Ray project where I will have a motion menu ., I would like my button choices to appear 20 seconds into the motion menu then loop back to that point and not have to rewatch the entire motion menu . Is this possible ? Thanks Jim
  5. Jim Morrison

    Hd Update Question

    Some of the update features are really nice especially the dual layer disc . Here's the question can we choose the layer break or does dvd pro hd automatically chooses it for us ?
  6. Jim Morrison

    Blu Ray

    Hi I just bought Easy Media Creator 10 Suite Can I burn a Blu Ray Disc I believe it needs to be UDF 2.5 Thanks
  7. Jim Morrison

    Scenarist BD SE Edition

    The only problem is Sonic Blu Ray is like a Formula 1 Racing car and Do Studio is a Very Expensive Ferrari . I think it's best to wait till Nab and see what they announce . Netblender that is .
  8. Jim Morrison


    Thanks Scott for your help All went well with my Blu Ray project (even bumped up the bitrate as you suggested) just have a couple of questions . 1) why won't my Sony BWU-200S Blu Ray Burner read the contents of the disc after the disc has been created ? I needed to update my Player 's firmware to 3.7 in order to play my disc . Does my burner also need a Firmware Update ? 2) In Standard DVDS when we would Burn to disc it would First Craete a TS Folder then it would burn to the DVD-R . With Sonic DVDit Pro Hd wen we select the Burn to Disc (Blu Ray option) Does Sonic DVDit Pro Hd create a Blu Ray Image then burns that image Disc ? Thanks Again
  9. Jim Morrison

    Scenarist BD SE Edition

    At 300$ never. This is what you get maybe an update to fix somes bugs and newer templates That's It I would really be surprised if Sonic offers that . Ulead Blu Ray system at 99$ offers Pop up menus .
  10. Jim Morrison

    Scenarist BD SE Edition

    Hi I know it sucks . I've trying to figure out a way to create Blu Ray discs like the hollywood guys do and all it comes down to is money . 60k is the going price . The only hope we have is " Apple's DVD Studio Pro" You know it's Affordable , I just hope it has all or most of the functions the 60k softwares have. Final Cut Pro has made Avid come down in price , hopefully DVD Studio Pro does the same to Scenarist .
  11. Jim Morrison

    MPEG 2 HD Compliant Stream

    It would be better if you gave me a 5 or even a 3 second sample . I have lots of analyzers that I use for the Cable Companies I deal with . I tried upper fields and every possible sinario . The only thing it accepts is 1440 not 1920 Thanks
  12. Jim Morrison

    MPEG 2 HD Compliant Stream

    Thanks for the response , Yes I'm outputing an elementary stream as my settings show. The low bitrate comes from trying to make 1 encode for both HD formats and the movie is 108 mins long . Dual layer HD DVD and single layer disc for Blu Ray . The main reason I don't allow DVDIT PRO HD encode my movie is that it creates some sort of transport stream that I can't use with any other software . Is there a Utlility that will allow me to un mux what DVDIT PRO HD outputs ? The error I get says it not compliant to both formats dvd +Blu Ray . Is there a Mpeg 2 HD file that I could download even if it's 3 secs I like to analize the file and see what DVDIT PRO HD accepts . Anything I try with Procoder 2 doesn't seem to work even there standard settings for Mpeg 2 HD Can Roxio help if not What Can I do to get a refund . I bought the software Yesterday . Thanks Tony
  13. Jim Morrison

    MPEG 2 HD Compliant Stream

    Hi been trying to import a Mpeg 2 Hd file into DVDIT Pro Hd with no luck . I've tried all the settings describe above can any one help ? I output from Avid with a Quiktime reference movie full 1920x1080 drop frame Avid DnxHD Codec Millions Colors I've used the Procoder Settings as Suggested with no Luck . I'm at the point of callling and asking for a refund , Here are my settings . MPEG 2 HD 1920x1080i Generic ISO MPEG stream MPEG-2 Elementary Stream Width 1920 Height 1080 29.975 Frame Rate NTSC Lower/TBottom Field First 16x9 High Quality Encoding Use Closed GOP (checked) VBR 2 pass 14000 min bitrate (you can play around with this) 18000 max bitrate 14000 low bitrate Prolile/Level MP@HL Put Sequence header (checked) Max Gop Size 15 Gop Structure Automatic \ Picture Structure Always Frame Use Closed Gop (checked) chrom 4;2;0 Intra DC Precision 9 Use Strict GOP bitrate control (checked) Create DVD Compliant File (unchecked) Use Audio if Exist Audio Stream Type PCM/WAV Sample rate 48.0 Channels 2 ch Bits/Sample 16
  14. Jim Morrison

    DVDit Pro HD Blu Ray

    Hi can we create PoP menus with DVDit Pro HD when creating BD-R discs Thanks Jim