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  1. telboy22

    MyDVD menu background sound

    Thank you Bimicher ans sknis. I looked at the User Guide and the illustrations match my version. Nomagic/advanced mode, no options to mute audio and all inall useless. I will unibstall and go back to Pro3 or earlier if I can find the disks! Many thanks for your help
  2. telboy22

    MyDVD menu background sound

    From Corel. Your version looked familiar, so reinstalled Pro6 on another PC. My Pro7 MyDVD does not have the magic mode / advance mode options but goes straight to menu edit.. ?Another uninstall reinstall ?
  3. telboy22

    MyDVD menu background sound

    Thank you for your reply. MyDVD version no. is have checked for updates but there are none
  4. telboy22

    MyDVD menu background sound

    Thank you for the reply but there is no speaker button there. I have repaired and reinstalled several times but to no avail. I did submit a query to Corel but the reply I got appertained to Videowave and not MyDVD
  5. I want to mute the audio from the menu. The option to mute was present in previous versions but seems to have been omitted from Nxt7. I have worked round it by creating a silent music file and using this to replace the audio. Is there a mute facility in MyDVD which I cannot find?
  6. telboy22

    ROXIO NXT 7 ...Anyone?

    Hi Brendan Start up My DVD, select the Help menu and the User Guide is the is selectable from there. It downloads as Mydvd.pdf. Regards Telboy22
  7. telboy22

    ROXIO NXT 7 ...Anyone?

    I have had this product for a short time and also found a sad lack of user guides. There is one for 'My DVD'; in the help menu, there is a downloadable pdf file which I haven't waded through yet!
  8. telboy22

    Videowave / Photos & Videos/ Pan & Zoom Issue

    This sounds like the problem I encountered last October with EMC 2009 after installing latest drivers for Nvidia Gforce. The advice offered was to roll back to the previous driver. This I did and the problem disappeared.
  9. telboy22

    Accessing files on unclosed disc

    Have you looked at isobuster available from isobuster.com. This is suposed to rescue data from troubled discs & although I have never had to recover data from an unclosed disc it may be worthwhile investigating
  10. telboy22

    Computer shutting down

    Had a si,iliar problem with PC showing sporadic erratic behaviour ending with BSOD. Problem turned out to be a faulty power supply which was replaced and the problem has not recurred (so far !!)
  11. telboy22

    Your problems might be your driver updates.

    I have the same videocard NVIDIA Gforce 9600 gm. I noticed some odd things happening in Videowave where some images were not fading but persisting as background. This was particularly noticeable when a full frame pic was followed by one in portrait format. I also had the latest drive dated 19/08/09 rev Rp;;ing back the driver to 9/12/08 caused this odd phenomenon to disappear. Thanks for the tip
  12. telboy22

    Error after encoding

    I have also had this problem when trying to burn an AVCHD projjec whether burning to disk, to .iso or folder set. I've had several suggestions from Roxio support to try - uninstall- re-install- disable evrything and try again - no success!; uninstall Microsoft .Net, uninstall - reinstall and try again - - no success. There is another thread on this problem. One solution seemed to be to install the Blue-Ray plug in. (Is this still availabel for emc2009?)
  13. telboy22

    AVCHD DVD won't play on TV

    Thanks you for the fast response The DVD was burnt and played on the laptop which plays it fine until connected to TV with HDMI cable Should have said in 1st post that the player was Cineplayer
  14. Using my Acer laptop, I created a video from still pictures and output as mpeg4. This was imported into a DVD using MyDVD as AVCHD with Menu and output to an .iso from which a disv was made. This played alright on the laptop using Cineplayer but on connecting a TV via HDMI lead, the player identified a disc and then stopped. The progam then would not respond. I have tried a different TV and with TV's switched on and off with the same result. Vista, EMC 2009 and Nvidia are all up to date. Any suggestions would be welcome
  15. telboy22

    Blue Screen Of Death

    one further thought - had a similiar problem which turned out to be a dodgy power supply. No more BSOD's since it was replaced