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  1. msmofet60

    No Drive Detected

    It didn't work
  2. msmofet60

    No Drive Detected

    No I don't think roxio will give me a virus but that "think point" virus that comes up as a fake Microsoft security anti virus came up. IT IS a virus. http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=navclient&ie=UTF-8&rlz=1T4SNCA_enUS371&q=think+point+virus+ Earlier when I googled that file I clicked a link and it started. So I knew what to do from the last time it happened. My daughter got it on her puter once before. Thank you for your help
  3. msmofet60

    No Drive Detected

    Ok you are running windows 7 so it says computer>W7 OS right? I am running vista so is that the proper place for me to create the FIX folder? And where do I download the pxengine4_18_16a file? I just googled it and clicked a link and got that dopey virus thing "Windows Security ...." I am running malwarebytes at the moment. PLease help #16 is just an extractor where do I get the compressed file for the pxengine4_18_16a?
  4. msmofet60

    No Drive Detected

    Thank you. I feel stupid but can you just walk me through it please. Is this the folder where I create the FIX folder? Where do I Download the pxengine4_18_16a? And which link do I use in your sig #16?
  5. msmofet60

    No Drive Detected

    I am running vista and am having the same problem. No Drive Detected. Can I use the same fix?
  6. msmofet60

    Roxio Easy Audio Capture

    yes, like i said it is no longer there neither is the convert gadget
  7. msmofet60

    Roxio Easy Audio Capture

    i had a problem with the easy audio capture gadget. now it is no longer in my sidebar list of gadgets. is there a way to get it back?
  8. thats why i gave options on how to create desktop and/or quick launch icons and how to pin it to the start menu first than added the other statement about the install. msmofet
  9. msmofet60

    Drag To Disc Problem After System Restore

    oops sorry i misunderstood.
  10. alternitive options start>all programs> right click roxio> add to quick launch or start>all programs>right click roxio>pin to start menu or start>all programs>right click roxio>send to>desktop (create shortcut) and grandpabruce may be right, the install may have been corrupted. by default during install desktop and quick lauch icons are usually set up. maybe you should do a clean install of the product. Clean Installation of Creator 9 & 10 on Windows XP Clean Install Instructions for Creator 9 & 10 on Windows Vista
  11. msmofet60

    Frostwire And Limewire

    i completely got rid of lime and frost. also did a regedit to get rid of anything that was left. roxio works now. did mcafee scan and spybot scan everything is clean.
  12. msmofet60

    Frostwire And Limewire

    i am fully protected with mcafee. runs scan everyday. btw are those your grand children in your avi? they are beautiful. i have 2 grls. and thanks for the suggestion. do you download music? if so from where? i've had limewire for yrs and never had a problem before. it's frustrating because the grls ask me to download music and burn them cd's.
  13. msmofet60

    Solved The Problem!

    hello imd. i am also from NJ. can you please pm me the directions. i am having so many problems lately i think i will go mad!! 6 am and i still am trying to getting my roxio to open!! LOL but thats another kettle of crap!! i think it has to do with frostwire and limewire. i wish goback worked with vista i loved it!! i tried do a system restore to go back before in i installed frost and for some reason ALL my restore points are gone! arrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggg.
  14. msmofet60

    Frostwire And Limewire

    i am having problems starting my roxio 10. i suspect it is caused by frostwire and/or limewire. i uninstalled them and i still can not start roxio. has anyone else had this problem? there are also files left behind by these programs which i can not delete. should i uninstall roxio and then reinstall it? this is driving me crazy. is there a way for me to have frostwire and be able to run roxio?
  15. msmofet60

    cd will only play on computer

    yes but first time it would not play in cd player. i'm not sure which program i used the first time, maybe classic not sure, i figured it would work the same as i was used to (LOL NOT). second time i just used audio disc (they were mp3 files). why? whats the trick to a mp3?