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    DVD does not play full length of song

    Worked great thankd for the help
  2. Built a dvd disc set menus and right after validation before MYDVD 9 starts to encode the disc MYDVD 9 gives error code 80004005. After searching for the error I found many different things to try Following suggestions under Version 8 I tried 1.) The "hotfix" 2.) I've upgraded drivers for Video Card and DirectX 9 3.) Defragged the drive 4.) Plus sevaral others that I do not honestly remeber. Of course none of this has helped any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  3. Ed01301

    DVD does not play full length of song

    Thanks for the input, I'll try it and see where I get.
  4. I am using a 4 minute song for my menus: If I playback the song in search it plays the whole songe however In preview (And on the DVD's) it plays back onlt the first several seconds of the song
  5. Ed01301

    Aspect (Widescreen / Letterbox) Ratio Issue?

    Yeah it does. So it is not auto detecting the resolution. This is the same issue that have read in other posts. I was wondering if however I could just ad the black bars?
  6. When I set the aspect ratio to letterbox by clicking Movie, Add new Movie, Widescreen 16:9. The preview shows the movie in widescreen on the PC. However upon playback in my dvd player / recorder it does not show as widescreen. Movies are displayed in ye olde pan and scan! This dvd player / recorder plays back store bought dvd's in letterbox without being set to. It automatically detects letter box and sets it for me.