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  1. Thanks - would that put everything out as the slide show is about 200 pics long and must are now the wrong way round. Thanks
  2. I think this is really weird. rotated pictures the right way then burne to disc and when played on DVD player they were the wrong way round. Any idea wha I have done? Thanks
  3. I think I may have confused things with my reference to Mini DVD. What I have is a small DVD disc that loads into the Sony Camera, I record and finalise in the camera and then pop the dis out and then play in any DVD player. I am using this Disc in the DVD drive of my computer and trying to capture with VideoWave but am advised the disc is corrupt. I have manged to capture all my other discs using this method it just appears to be a problem with this one, I'm just wondering if there is a way around this. The problem disc does play in DVD players and the computer - it just refuses to be captured. Thanks
  4. The mini disc is a mini dvd. I am using VideoWave 7 to capture. I hope I have understood your question correctly. Thanks
  5. Hi - I raised this just before the boards went down, received several responses some which I was able to view and others that were wiped before I got chance to get back on line. What I am trying to do is capture from Sony mini disc, when I do this VideoWave 7 advises I have a "Corrupt Disc". The disc plays fine on DVD player. I have tried copying as you would when copying a word document in windows and cleaning the disc but neither method has been succesful. If anyone has any suggestions I would grateful. Thanks Mike