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  1. Syrallas

    New User

    No problem. Plenty of "gurus" -- experts on using the program -- check this forum frequently, so if you run into a problem, just ask and you'll likely get the help you need.
  2. Syrallas

    New User

    Sure -- Videowave -- a program in Creator 2012 (for pcs, not macs) can do that and a whole lot more! Read this excellent post which will steer you in the right direction for tutorials on Videowave.... click here 2012 has a few more bells and whistles than the 2011 version discussed in the post but those tips should help you get started....
  3. Syrallas

    Burn A Project Without A Menu?

    Always the end goal!
  4. Syrallas

    Lost Install Disk

    Sorry about that -- cd (as usual) is on the right track -- looks like contact w/ customer support is in order.
  5. Syrallas

    Lost Install Disk

    Did you try: http://rovicorp.force.com/PublicKB1/articles/en_US/Roxio_Article/Roxio-Video-Capture-USB-is-not-recognized-by-Roxio-Products?retURL=%2Fapex%2FknowledgeSearch%3Fc%3DRoxio%26p%3D2%26k%3Ddrivers%26t%3D%26l%3D%26lang%3Den_US&popup=false&lang=en_US ? Hmmm that's video drivers. Let me check some more.....
  6. Syrallas

    Happy Holidays To All!

    Now Jim -- how'd you get that picture of me?!? Thanks for your kind words and have a great New Year!
  7. Syrallas

    Happy Holidays To All!

    Happy Holidays to all my Roxio friends! Sorry it's been so long but my 3 girls have been keeping me busy! Hope everyone has a wonderful time this holiday season! I plan on checking in alot more frequently! P.S. I bought Creator Pro 2012 a month or so. Sweeeeet!
  8. Syrallas


    So far, sales have been relatively brisk.... CNN Article
  9. Syrallas


    It is timeless, as compared to, say, Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus! I always tell my kids that the music I grew up listening to you still here played on the radio now, and you will be hearing them 20 years from now, and that you would be lucky to hear 1% of the songs that they are listening to now 20 years in the future. I know I sound like an old fogey when I say about really do think it's true. Tom
  10. Syrallas


    Agreed, beggars can't be choosers. Of course I have some in my itunes library from cds, but I think they will probably expand it as time goes on. You wonder, though, if this is even going to be noticed by the current generation of school age kids, not that that is necessarily a litmus test for anything....
  11. Syrallas


    Its taken quite a while but songs from The Beatles are now available on itunes.
  12. Syrallas

    Far Out Photo

    Story here.
  13. Syrallas

    Mydvd Has Disappeared-Creator 10

    Does this mean you have some time of Roxio disc that you got along with your Dell and you re-loaded that software and still no MyDvd?
  14. Syrallas

    Fading Background Music During Video Clips

    Music added on music line in videowave? Double click that music line and it will give you that (and other) options)....