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  1. jmcg29

    Dvd Conversion

    Thanks tsantee, I appreciate your prompt response. jm
  2. jmcg29

    Dvd Conversion

    Hi, I'm interested to know how to convert a dvd in the PAL format to an NTSC format. Thanks. jm
  3. jmcg29

    Toast Menu Styles

    Thanks for the reply. I'll try your recommendation. John M
  4. jmcg29

    Toast 7.1.3

    I'm running Toast 7.1.3. When I attempt to access my media, I can only get music thru my iTunes library. Media won't find 'Movies' or 'Photos.'
  5. jmcg29

    Toast Menu Styles

    Hi, I' m trying, unsuccessfully, to drag mt Toast Menu Styles to Toast 7.1.3 app. I get an error messag code -37. Says some files may be missing. These are simply additional menus for slideshows. Any help out here? Thanks. John M
  6. jmcg29

    Toast 7

    Thanks for the note, Tsantee. I have tried my original code key to activate 7.1.3 but it won't accept it. Any thoughts? Thanks. jm
  7. jmcg29

    Toast 7

    Hi, does anyone have a copy of Toast 7 I can use? I can't find my original copy and I recently lost my version when I tranferred my data to a new hard drive. Thanks. John M