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    Registry recreation

    Brandon, Thanks for the info. I'm trying to avoid a full restore. I suspect that the backed up registry was corrupted. I have reinstaled Windows which is working fine, and can recreate the desktop. Basically, all I want to do is reinstall all programs, MS Office, graphics programs, utilities, etc. Everything that was in the program files subdirectory, the common files directory. and some data files that I had in a different subdirectory. Can this be done? Will the registry recreate itself when I open each of the programs? Zeeman
  2. Zeeman

    Registry recreation

    I had to replace my hard drive and am about to use the backup I created with Backup MyPC 2006 Delux. When I restore the various software to the program files subdirectory, how does the registry get updated? I don't want to use the backed up registry since I think it is corrupted.