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    Run 2 conversions at once?

    Is there a way to run two separate apps at one time? I'm in the process of ripping my CD's (maybe 200-300) and would like to run 2 conversions at once. I have 2 CD players, and a dual core so thats taken care of. I just can seem to get Roxio to run twice, which isn't strange. Most SW will not run twice. Just curious. JM
  2. jimmarako

    How to convert .wav to .mp3?

    OK, Thanks. Sound Editor did the trick. I tried Music Disk Creator and it seemed to me it would only burn an Image of a CD/DVD to the hard disk. At least with sound editor I was able to select a dozen different .wav files and have the tool create a dozen different MP3's with the proper names. Thanks JM
  3. jimmarako

    How to convert .wav to .mp3?

    Hi, I've been using the "convert CD's" option under the Audio tab to rip my CD collection to my computer. The program is wonderful. I also have some .wav files on my computer that I would like to convert to mp3's but I can not figure out how. The closest I have come is to make an "audio" CD from the .wav files then rip them back. It seems odd to me to do a two step process like this. Is there anyway to take .wav files and convert to .mp3's directly? Thanks JM
  4. jimmarako

    How to play a "real" DVD

    Thanks to all of those who replied so far. From the Roxio Creator 9 home page I did Help -> About this software. I am running version 9.0.088. I purchased the product direct from the Roxio website around late March. I've only recently started playing around with it. I tried all of your suggestions. There is no trace of CinePLayer anywhere. Not from the programs->roxio->media list, not under "applications" no where. As far as I can tell it did not install for whatever reason. Is anyone else running Win2K and do you have CinePlayer working? Thanks JM
  5. jimmarako

    How to play a "real" DVD

    Nope, no such thing. When I open "Roxio Creator 9 Home" I get a welcom screen. On the right there is a "most Frequent tasks" pane, but no "Play DVD" Listed are: convert CD's, Convert Video, Audio CD, Compile Movies, Convert LP's/Tapes, and Jukebox disk. I'm hoping using Win2K isn't the problem. Thanks JM
  6. jimmarako

    How to play a "real" DVD

    Where would I find cineplayer? I see cinemagic under programs/roxio EMC9 but I do not see cineplayer anywhere I think maybe my install did not finish properly. I get an error every time I boot up.... "setup.exe not found". Basically Roxio seems to want a file "setup.exe" to run at start up and it never has. From what I can tell the rest of Roxio is working OK. This seemed to be a minor error, but maybe I was wrong. I guess expecting to rip DVD's was too much. Thats fine, play back would be enough. JM
  7. jimmarako

    How to play a "real" DVD

    OK, I actually have two question here. I purchased EMC9 a few months ago, but due to a recent Ipod purchase for my wife, I'm finally actually making use of the SW. Mainly I'm ripping our CD's so I can get them on her Ipod. I found out about Roxio from TIVO desktop where I was trying to move TV shows to my Treo. Anyway, I'm having trouble with DVD's. When I purchased EMC9 I thought for sure that "DVD playback" was a feature. Well I've inserted a DVD (real/Hollywood)and I can find no way to play the DVD on my computer. Obviously I have a DVD burner, and in the past using the older Roxio 6 I was able to create a few DVD's from TIVO recordings. I'm running Win2K on a fairly new computer (Athlon 64 X2, 3GB memory, 600+GB disk, Nvidia Gforce 6800). I'm only running Windows Media Player 9.XXX which is one of the reasons I was interested in Roxio. I have a whole host of SW available: Roxio, Nero, Winamp, WMP,..... none of which seem capable of DVD play back. So the two questions: How do I play/view "real" DVD's on my computer. The second question is how do I "rip" DVD's to my hard drive. It seems that the DVD's I've tried keep coming up "protected" and will not copy/rip. Am I going to need "alternative" methods to get my real DVD's moved over to my hard disk? Thanks for the help. JM