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  1. I tired, uninstalled as per these instructions. I deleted every files on my new computer, clean registers from all roxio and sonic, and then installed again. I got the same error message." Bad Installation, no permision" I donot understand how a company like Roxio sell a software like this. it should works without all these problems specially if I have a brand new computer and brand new operating system. I do not know what to do next. is there any Roxio support system I can turn to.real person, any Help Roxio people.
  2. thank you I will try it , but is it the same either i am running windows XP or windows Vista. I have windows vistal
  3. I removed all EMC programs from my computer ( it is a new computer only 3 days old) and re-install EMC10 from scratch but I still get the same error message
  4. I installed EMC10 on an HP computer running window vista.Every time I tried to run any of the Video applications, it asks me to activate mpeg-2 codec. when I click Ok I got this message "no pemistion -bad installation". I unistall EMC10 and the trial package I found on my computer, and then install EMC10 from scratch, the same happen again. Searching this forum there is a solution applies for EMC9 installation to activate manuallyto get a product key. and then using this key to activatte online.so I went offline and run again EMC10 many times to get this product key but got the same message No Permision -Bad Installation. and no option to activate offline to get the product key. any assistance is appreciated.My computer is three days old HP athlon 64 X2 6000 3072 MB memory and 500GB hard disk NVIDIA Geforce 6150 SE