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  1. I have several archived photo discs which I kept open and added new photos as produced. I can no longer add to these discs, nor can I copy them. I gather from other posts that I will have to close these discs and/or copy the photos onto new discs. Can they be kept open in the future if I don't drag or "send to" the disc? Thank you for your help; in general the package seems to be working well. MW
  2. When burning a DVD, Roxio uses a temporary file (actually a Windows temp file unless you tell it otherwise). At the end of the burn, it does not release this file. If you then burn another shorter dvd, you get the end of the first one written after the new one. I use a user-defined temp file but have to remember to delete it after each burn. MW
  3. Whenever I write any kind of disc (audio CD, VCD, DVD, data disc) my machine hangs after completion if I try to use either disc drive for anything else. The only solution is a reboot. This occurred with EMC 7 as well. Sony VAIO PCV-RX 752 XP Pro SP2 current 1 GB ram 3 hard drives -- 80 GB, 60 GB and a 160 GB external 2.0 GHz intel processor 2 DVD burners -- Pioneer DVR-A04 and LG I can't even open task manager to see what might still be running that shouldn't be. Any help appreciated. MW