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  1. Torska

    Trouble after Win Vista Update

    Roxio Creator 2009 was working OK until some Win Vista Updates caused the prog. not to find the path to were I keep my music files. Have tried all three HD`s. How can I restore operation?
  2. R C 2009 have worked fine, but after some Win Vista Updates, I get this Error message. Have tried HD C:, D: and ext. G: with same res. My program is downloaded to HD and registered.
  3. Torska

    HD crash

    Hei from Norway, ... are there a policy to help me reistall my registred Roxio after HD crash?
  4. Torska

    New man onboard

    Thank you for your understanding and tips on software. Automate instruction is not my task, rather to create freedom from the mechanics and from running to and fro the equipment. Thanks, I am dowloading! bw Torska
  5. Torska

    New man onboard

    Thanks for the Creative link. Good example on "Compression". My Mp3 arcive is 8 Gb of Norwegian Folk Music, all ripped by myself. As you know, music and dance is tight connected in this genre. So my task is to compile, edit and use the music in dancing. That means music is not only streaming, but is stopped, instructions given, maybe partially repeated and continued. I am looking for software to rely on. Have you found a programmable STOP to edit into a MP3 file? Tell me! bw Torska
  6. Torska

    New man onboard

    When gurus dont know, I have to rely on one of the other 35 000. Are anybody there? Torska
  7. Torska

    New man onboard

    My Reply: Did you notice my heading? CREATIVE MP3 players! I hoped this was a community to share experience, as wise people do. Not a forum were you are stopped on the way inn!!! Torska
  8. Torska

    New man onboard

    Planning to buy Roxio EMC 10, I would like the group to confirm compatibility with my MP3 players! Thanks. BW, Torska