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  1. I have a Plextor PX760A DVDR- DL Burner, When I attempt to put a Dual Layer disk in my drive, When using iether capture to disk or DVDBuilder, the drive will rotate and start as if though it is burning and then will stop and SAY I do not have the correct media in the drive, media creator 7.5 does support DL? does'nt it? I have just recently discovered that in my dvd builder I have to encode the movie to ISO first and then use MY DVD TO BURN THE DISK BUT IT WILL ONLY USE 4.7 DVD +R, DOES'NT LIKE DL, REGARDLESS WHAT BRAND I USE. heeeeellllllp????? I also have EMC7.5 Download, which I also find there is no update for correct?.
  2. bobber128

    Emc 8, Problems

    When I put a DVD dual layer disk into My plextor 740 a,( and the bios for the player is updated to current) and use emc 8 plug and burn, I get a message under drive that states , Contents: DVD+R DUAL LAYER, DISK CONTAINS OTHER DATA. And it does'nt. I am baffled any suggestions?????. I also notice when i use winfast pvr tv tuner, and use capture for emc 8, I select my winfast pvr under capture devices, I get this error message (operation build on capture manager failed). When I select the detailes prompt i get this error message.( Failed to build preview graph) Helllllp!!!!! Thanx in advance. ASUS A8N SLI DELUXE 1 GIG DDR COARSAIR VALUERAM 4 SATA WD'S ,80 GIG SET AS 0-1 2 NIVIDIA NX 6600 GTS 1 PX 740 A DVD BURNER , 1 PLEXTOR CDR. PREMIUM BURNER. 1WINFAST PVR TV TUNER