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  1. What is going on? I burned a couple of disks and now nothing! The latest disk will not go beyond "filling the ram cache". I am running toast 11.1 on a mac. I have repaired the permissions, trashed the preferences, and restarted. Nothing! I even tried my iMac and its having the same problem. I don' know what else to do, but I am really frusturated and can't burn any disks. Any help is appreciated.
  2. apple x 2

    Can't figure out how to edit TiVo video

    i have tried this twice and it still will not bypass the edit points. i did exactly what you said and i close the player/editor and it asked for me to save, i click yes. i am returned to the toast box and i hit record. when it is finally finished the commercials are there. what am i doing wrong? thanks in advance
  3. apple x 2

    XLarge video files to edit

    i have a tivo transfer that is 16 gb. i cannot get toast see it so i can edit it down to a smaller size. toast crashes and will not import so i can edit. any ideas? thanks in advance.
  4. hello all...i have transferred some tivo shows and when i select the item in tivo transfer to "toast", toast starts and then the spinning pizza starts and will not create a dvd. any thoughts? thanks in advance. (i have the latest toast app and mac os 10.5
  5. apple x 2

    open default toast program

    hello all..i have toast 7 and toast 8 as an upgrade. when i put in a new disc to burn, toast 7 opens instead of toast 8. how do i get toast 8 to open instead of toast 7? thanks in advance.