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  1. Hi, I am trying to register Toast Titanium 7 that I've had on my MacBook Pro for well over a year. However, I cannot find the original CD or Packaging to get the serial number/product code which I need to register my version of Toast. Is there any way around this? or how to get my original serial number so that I can update to a newer version of Toast Titanium 7? Regards. David.
  2. dherron

    Popcorn 3 - What exactly does it do?

    Hi everyone, Excuse me for my lack of knowledge on Popcorn 3, but what exactly does this software do? Does it change DVD's into the correct format (MP4 etc...) for use with other devices such as iPhone, PDA's etc... If I was to purchase the Popcorn Software, would I be able to back up my DVD hard copy collection and transfer them onto my iPhone to view? Will it work with all my shop bought dvd's? Regards, David.
  3. dherron

    Popcorn 3 - What exactly does it do?

    Hi, i'm just after reading a statement on google that Popcorn 3 is a trimed down version of Toast 8. Is this true? and am I able to do any of Popcorn's features on my Toast Titanium 7 application? (i.e. copy DVD's and transfer them to my iPhone easily). Thanks in advance!
  4. dherron

    Registering/Updating Toast Titanium 7

    Sorry, but i've just realized that I had done something incorrect. I was trying to drag the update toast icon on top of my exiting toast icon in the applications folder. Whatever happened, it did not replace the application but went through an install procedure. I have tried it again since, although I made a duplicate copy of my original toast application on the desktop just incase. I dragged the new update icon into my applications folder and clicked replace application. It went through the install procedure again but this time I needed to enter my serial number - That's a far as I got. I deleted the new toast application and replaced it with my duplicate copy that I made earlier. I had to go through the install procedure again but luckily enough I did not need to enter a serial number for my original version. So I've figured out why the new updated version wasn't opening, but I am left with the problem now that I cannot update my Toast Titanium version 7.0.2 I think I read somewhere that if i've misplaced the serial code then there's nothing that can be done about it. Anybody any ideas?
  5. dherron

    Registering/Updating Toast Titanium 7

    Hi everyone, This is my first post on this forum so here it goes... I have Toast Titanium 7 installed on my MacBook Pro Laptop, and has been for well over a year. It's version 7.0.2 and i've just downloaded the 7.1.3 update from the Roxio site using my registered account. I followed instructions from the readme file (draging the toast icon on top of my existing icon in the Mac's Applications folder). It worked and proceeded to install. The serial number came up automatically and I proceeded to registration at the Roxio website. However I need the serial number to register Toast, and I no longer have the original CD or Box so I cannot register this new version (I should have noted it down during installation). Also, the new update doesn't seem to have had an affect. Still loads and shows 7.0.2 in the about menu and on toast itself. Any solutions? Regards, David.