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    Noise on AIFF files when burning Audio CD

    Hi Imor, You've almost located the problem!: what we found out, is an incompatibility between Tiger 10.4.11 (which is very close to the new OS Leopard) and Roxio 7.x I've read on other forums that Toast 7 is incompatile with Leopard - so that's the reason of the bug. So how to solve it? 1. Go back to Tiger 10.4 using your installation CD (use the option install and archive) 2. Go to http://www.apple.com/support/downloads/mac...oupdateppc.html and dowload the 10.4.9 combo update (10.4.9 is the last "safe" update of Tiger as far as I know. Not so sure about 10.4.10, so in doubt, stick to 10.4.9). You'll see the noise disappears. Yeeehaaa!!! The quicktime version has no effect on Toast, but in case you also work with Final Cut, be aware that Quicktime 7.3.x is incompatible with Final Cut Pro HD 4.5... The last "safe" version of Quicktime to my opinion is 7.2 and it works just as fine. All this makes me think that one should NEVER update automatically softwares - if your systems works fine, stick with the original versions as long as possible!!!
  2. Hi everyone, We've got a weird problem. When reading AIFF files that were added to Toast 7.1.2 to burn an audio CD, there is a weird noise, like an interference (sputtering? in french, "gresillement"). The same noise can then be heard when reading the burnt CD on any other audio device. The files are 48 KHZ, that were exported from Final Cut Pro via QuickTime version 7.0.4. We encounter this problem on a PowerBook G4 10.4.11. The problem disappears if we export the aiff file to 44.1 KHZ with quicktime before drag-and-dropping it into toast. It seems that toast is not converting the file anymore from 48 to 44.1 KHZ?!? Now where the problem become mind bugging, is that 48 KHZ AIFF files do not have the noise problem at all when the CD burning is done on another computer (Powerbook G4 10.3.9). The toast version installed on that computer is the same (7.1.2) but the quicktime version is 7.3.1. Any clue anyone?