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  1. Forget I asked. I found a way to do what I need & it does not involve Roxio.
  2. Which is the best video file format to save as? Mp4, WMV, MPG2?, etc And at what resolution? . Let's say you are saving these files to possibly edt, burn to a DVD, later?
  3. Personally I found that Roxio's converting program a big PIA to use. Try https://handbrake.fr/ Question: Wouldn't it be better to save them as MP4?
  4. I plug the digital Sony Handicam into my computer via USB port, and using Roxio software, I upload the files, edit them, etc. & burn the DVD that can be played on any DVD player.
  5. Some do have the Video_TS folder. Some don't. I am looking to save the video that is on these DVDs as a backup somewhere else in case the DVDs go bad. What would you do if you were looking to do the same?
  6. Sorry I forgot to answer... Directly from my Sony Handicam connected to my computer using Roxio. These DVDs are viewable on any typical DVD player or my computer. Sorry for the confusion. I'm kinda new to all this. For others that have priceless home videos...where are you storing them? On DVDs? As video files? Etc. I don't want to wait until it's too late and lose them.
  7. Okay....Let me try explaining this again...... I have a bunch of DVD-Rs that are old home movies. I want to capture the video from each of them and save each of them as an individual video file on my computer (to store on an external HD) HOW AM I ABLE TO DO THIS USING THE ROXIO SOFTWARE? I was under the impression that this software will allow you to do this. If so, what resolution should I save them at? What type of file? (MP4, etc?) Thank you.
  8. Thank you. When I was saving them, I noticed that some were saved as: Windows media audio-video file Movie clip file MP4 What is the differences between them?...which is the best choice of file to save it as? I thought by using the Roxio software it would be easier. What are the steps to save them? Is there a tutorial?
  9. What are the steps to copy the contents of a DVD (home videos) and save them as a file on my computer? What resolution is best? What type of file format should I save them as? Thank you!
  10. I'm new at this. I am concerned that the DVDs will eventually start going bad & wanted to store them as files, and thought that saving each DVD as files would be the correct thing to do. Yes some of my older DVDs that are transfers from VHS to DVD have that Video_TS folder. I'm not sure what you are talking about "Copy the DVD to a dedicated folder" Are they still files? what type? If this was you doing this, what are the steps to save these DVDs/files? Thank you!
  11. I am going through all our old home movies that are on DVD, and wanting to save them as a file on an external hard drive. QUESTIONS: What file format should I save them at? and at what resolution is best?. Thank you!
  12. buddy2007

    Video Wave Hangs Up "not Responding"

    I'm still having this problem while trying to edit. It will freeze up & I get the message "Not responding" The only thing I can do is X out (close it) & reopen it & try it again. My antivirus is turned off & I am editing video that was taken from my digital camcorder. This is very frustrating. Any suggestions?
  13. buddy2007

    Upgrading From Creator 2010?

    So far it is running very good. No problems. I like the feature that allows you to upload videos directly to Facebook.
  14. I recently started using NXT3 after 5 yrs. with Creator 2010. I know that NXT3 is compatible with Win 8 But what else? Maybe I'm not seeing it? What has changed?
  15. I loaded NXT3 & tried putting together a home movie in Videowave, but as I am editing, it occasionally wil hang up & I can't get it to respond.. The video keeps rolling, but I get the message "Videowave bot responding" and there's nothing I can do,a nd I have to X out of the program. (lose what I haven't saved) The video I am making is only 35 min. long. Why is it doing this?