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  1. Jim:  You have help me in the past (2012 to be exact). I hope that you can offer some advice.

    In December I upgraded to Roxio 6 from a 5 year old NXT version.  I can't figure out the conversion from VideoWave to MyDVD.  I made some VideoWave production in November and MyDVD doesn't recognize them.  I don't see any advantage to having the Roxio 6 version.  Can I uninstalled this new program and install my old Roxio NXT program?   The old version worked better than the Roxio 6.  I have made more than a dozen DVD of old family movies over the past few years.

    I retired from PA to FL and now have time to create DVD's of my father's 16mm films that date back to the 40's.

    Thanks in advance,

    Ed in FL

  2. Hello. I came across on the web, regarding the sima mirror and backscreen projection.

    Do you have any video on youtube with final result? do you recommend the mirror projection system?



  3. James - any chance you can shed some light on my EMC10 label printing problem ?! Would be much appreciated Thanks ! trevconda

  4. james_hardin

    How do I link chapters

    MyDVD: Right Click on any Title and select Create Chapters.
  5. james_hardin

    Burning CDs

    And even that is Easy:
  6. james_hardin

    VHS to EMC9

    Then you are running V9.1 whereas V9.0 cannot do this. From the symptoms that the OP described, they are running V9.0…
  7. james_hardin

    VHS to EMC9

    Media Import will not work with a DVD disc in V9. Copy your VIDEO_TS folder and contents to your HD, then import from there.
  8. james_hardin

    PLEASE HELP - Can't view photo discs saved from Creator 6

    Wow did you get some questionable advice!!! It would appear that the discs you have were written with Drag to Disc (v6) Those discs 'should be compatible'[]/I] for Reading on any XP or Vista PC. DO NOT install the read, as it is not compatible with Vista. One of 2 things is going on with the discs. Either they have gone bad (common to packet writing) or you used Compression when you wrote them. EMC 10 does not have a packet writer (Drag to Disc) anymore, so there is no way that it can help! Your best bet would be to find a friend or computer store that has some knowledge of packet writers and let them attempt to recover the discs on an older machine.
  9. james_hardin

    Easy Media Creator 10 DVD-RW disc problems

    XP cannot write to any DVD!!! So what you described is simply impossible... If you did, you used Roxio's Drag to Disc program. That program formats the disc. Once a disc is formatted it is unusable for all burning except D2D…
  10. james_hardin


    Update your Video Drivers!
  11. Windows Explorer, right click the drive, select Properties. See hwat is set under the Auto Play tab for DVD Movies?
  12. james_hardin

    Audio Central

    Programs do not get old and slow down. They do get interfered with by other programs trying to compete for CPU cycles. It sounds more like something else has changed and this is where you are seeing it.
  13. james_hardin

    Importing video titles from DVD-RAM

    If by renaming the VRO files to mpg, they are usable, why waste time rendering them again? VR recordings allow fragmenting the files. The usual result is that they carry the correct header (length of time) but are truncated when the EOF character is hit… Try recording 3, 15 minute segments: movie 1 movie 2 movie 3 On your Recorder delete movie 2 and record a 30 minute segment. This should force the fragmenting I am after. Bring over the new movie 2 and see if the full file actually made it? I also have a Panasonic but never bothered with a DVD-RAM disc for it. The DVD+RW discs are just a matter of pop out, copy files and reuse.
  14. james_hardin

    Can't figure this out

    Walt has the best advice – dump the junk and buy yourself a full Retail set of software. – OEM software is about like the "tools" that come with your car… you know that combo screwdriver that strips the first time you try to use it? You can try this. From the Home Program, choose Data – Data Disc. Then Add Folder and pick the VIDEO_TS folder you have. This should burn a compliant DVD Movie for you, or a Coaster, I am not sure. (if you have some DVD RW discs, it would be a good thing to try on them)
  15. james_hardin

    Burn CD in CDFS File System

    That would be pretty easy! However not all Players will be able to read them… Make a Folder for your Project, "Pictures" in this case. Add Sub-Folders within it. (I would stick to 8 character name limits and use underscores (_) instead of spaces) Put your files within the sub-folders. Add the Sub-Folders to the Project and burn. You can actually create the Folders directly in Creator Classic, but setting it up ahead of time makes it easier to see and make adjustments.