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  1. I created .disc files out of an earlier version of Toast for a set of CDs that I've burned dozens of times over the years. I used to be able to double-click on the file and all the songs would appear in the Toast window in correct order. Now when I do that the name of the disc appears in the window but there is no music. Rooster 2000 disc 1.disc
  2. "Could not record the disc because of a Mac OS error. Result code = -111" iMac running OS X 10.15.2 Is there a workaround for this? I can burn CDs just fine.
  3. cmwolfson

    TT16 very slow unless it's the front app

    I'm using an iMac with tons of RAM. Currently running High Sierra, but I had this problem as far back as Yosemite. Just burning a regular old CD Toast slows to a crawl if I work in any other app. Like, after an hour or so I'll remember that disc I was burning and see that it's at 28%. If I keep TT as the front app, the pace picks up and the burn finishes. I have two burners but it doesn't make any difference which one I use.
  4. cmwolfson

    "please Insert Recordable Disc"

    Old MacBook running OS X 10.9. Burning was working fine, but now I get this message whenever I try to burn anything. Tried a variety of blank discs; trashed preferences and plists; reinstalled Toast 12 but nothing has helped so far.
  5. cmwolfson

    Can't copy burned DVDs

    Thanks, once again, tsantee. The clue here was "mount in the Finder." I recently had work done on my Mac and the Finder prefs that allow a disc to show up in the Finder had been turned off.
  6. cmwolfson

    Can't copy burned DVDs

    I burn a ton of non-commercial DVDs of live music. Since moving up (?) to Toast 8.0.1 the app won't even recognize that there is a disc present when I try to Copy. Works OK on burned CDs, just not on DVDs. I put in a commercial disc and Toast recognized it (even though it told me it was CSS encoded and, of course, wouldn't let me copy it).
  7. cmwolfson

    Toast hangs and won't quit

    I finally traced my problem to a bad USB PCI card, although bad RAM could cause similar issues. Assuming that's not your case, I would suggest re-applying the OS X 10.4.9 COMBO updater, which is known to fix a lot of strange behavior after an incremental system upgrade. Start up from another volume or from your OS X 10.4 system disc. You can find out more about this at http://www.macfixit.com.
  8. cmwolfson

    Toast hangs and won't quit

    This is a recent problem that occurred after a weird system crash. I ended up doing an archive & restore from my OS X Tiger disc. Used 10.4.5 combo updater to get back to where I'd been but then had problems with Toast Titanium 7.12 and Roxio Popcorn hanging and refusing to Force Quit. This meant I could only do a cold restart. Updated to 10.4.8 and things were fine for a while. Today I unmounted a CD in iTunes but it wouldn't eject. I went over to Toast, which was already open, and tried to eject it using command-E. Got the !#@%!! spinning beachball. Force Quit window said Toast was not responding, so I Force Quit. Nada. Tried using the Dock but no help there, either. I trashed the Launch Services prefs and rebooted. Burned four CDs OK. On the fifth Toast hung again. Started scouring the Apple forums and found suggestions using Terminal and Activity Monitor. In Terminal I typed in ps -awx to see all processes. Here's what I found for Toast: PID TT STAT TIME COMMAND 363 ?? E 0:00.00 (Toast Titanium) Then I typed in kill process ID with this result: Macintosh:~ cary$ kill process ID 363 -bash: kill: process: no such pid -bash: kill: ID: no such pid Going over to Activity Monitor, all I found was this: 590 mdimport cary 0.00 3 2.28 MB 38.48 MB I tried quitting this but there was no discernible change. I've already tried repairing permissions, tossing the Toast prefs, rebuidling the Directory with DiskWarrior. Now I'm out of ideas. Dual 1.6 GHz Power PC G4 Mac OS X (10.4.8) 2 GB RAM (recently installed) 2 ATA HD's 2 USB HD's M-Audio USB sound device USB inkjet printer MicroTek ScanMaker 4800 USB scanner
  9. cmwolfson

    Still slow burning multiple CDs

    Just now tried making one-at-a-time copies, which took a little over five minutes each. That's still longer than 48x ought to take, but better than 15 minutes and upward. Strange.
  10. cmwolfson

    Still slow burning multiple CDs

    I've posted on this topic before but gotten no useful responses, so try again. I'm a radio producer and routinely have to make five copies each of six 60-minute programs. The shows are AIFFs created in Peak Pro 5. It routinely takes me 12-15 minutes for EACH disc to burn. Also, my Mac -- Safari in particular -- slows to a crawl while these burns are taking place. This leaves me with a lot of time staring (and swearing) at that spinning beachball. In fact I had to stop the burnng sequence just so I could write this post. I don't have this problem when I'm just burning a bunch of songs to CD. I am using Toast 7.1.2, Mac G4, 1.6 Ghz dual processor, 832 Mb of RAM, NEC 48x CD/DVD burner.
  11. cmwolfson

    Slow CD burning w/multiple copies

    Thanks for the response, John. Since this is a pretty straight-ahead AIFF file created in Peak LE, what would Toast be converting? I do know that it's loading information into RAM with each copy. Two more observations/questions: Burning often slows my computer to a crawl, particularly browsing. I hate that spinning beachball. Does writing from FLAC files require extra conversion time? (BTW, thank you Roxio for this feature. It's a god-send to be able to do this, since I burn a ton of live concerts.)
  12. cmwolfson

    Slow CD burning w/multiple copies

    Usually I get very snappy burn times with Toast but when I try to burn multiple copies of my radio show the first one takes ~20 minutes, while successive copies can take 5+ mintues. The variables here are: a) Burning one large AIFF file of about 60 minutes duration plus another of one minute for each disc 2:12:30 Making 5 copies c) Using NEC 48x burner d) Toast 7.0.2, OS X 10.4.6, G4 1.6 MNz Dual Processor Haven't tried just burning one copy to see what that would do, so possibly the one large file could be choking Toast.
  13. cmwolfson

    Gaps When Burning Flac Files

    When I burned a CD directly from the FLAC files there wa a mini-second gap between tracks, which is a real hassle with concert recordings. I converted the files to AIFF and took a look at them with Peak LE, then burned the AIFF files. No gap, no problem. I'm using Tiger 10.4.3.