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    CD label project wont save

    Thanks for your reply, Steven. The least of my worries with EMC10 was saving label files. I'm sure most things work fine on Vista, but it seems most products that have been "upgraded" to work with Vista are really lousy on XP, which is what I use. So many other things, like corruption of system files and overwriting of registry items needed for other programs, show no respect for end users or acceptable programming practices. Unlike older versions of Media Creator, I can tell this product was produced by "cowboy" programmers. I am a software engineer myself and have been employed by companies like this. Makes me shudder to remember. I imagine the save problem has something to do with Vista's micro-management of system security. See if you can save a document or something to that folder. The folder security may be limited to only files that have extensions that Roxio uses, and I don't think they use the same extension for label projects anymore. I don't know much about Vista, so that's just a guess. Its seems the label program isn't too important to many users (or we did something wrong) since I didn't see any other complaints about this. Let me know if you find a replacement CD label maker program - I had to re-install my EMC 7 to print my label, then uninstall it because its incompatible with my newer drives. What a major PIA! Dee
  2. deidreanne5

    CD label project wont save

    Somehow, I wasn't alerted to your reply, Bruce. I appreciate it. Since that time I've discovered all the problems and incompatibilities with both the installation and running of EMC 10, and I figure my installation was not done correctly. That said, the contortions you have to go through to remove this package as well as to install it "correctly," and the other programs it "breaks" once its installed, leave me with no desire to re-install or use it. Roxio will not allow me to downgrade to version 9 or 8, so my version 10 disk is useless. I have found so many glitches in their website and message forums while trying to find answers and fixes, that I am appalled. Not that these things don't happen from time to time, but if the company is so sloppy about its "public" interface, they are either inept or unconcerned about getting and keeping customers. This is not how the company was run several years ago. Roxio has not only lost a decade-long customer and the referrals I am in a position to give, but also its reputation among OEMs and hardware companies. Thanks! Dee
  3. deidreanne5

    CD label project wont save

    I have a cd label project I created with EMC 7. I can open it and modify it with EMC 10, but neither "Save" nor "Save as" will save my edits to the project. (Also, I can't find the background I used for it, which came with EMC 7, but that's another story) Another slight (!) problem - I can't select any label type to print on! I use a common Avery CD label, but there are no longer any print layout options except "plain paper," "commercial," (which simply means size A4), or print to disk. Where did the type of label options go? What - everyone now uses the same CD label brand??? PULEEZE do not tell me I can "tweak" the layout with the "move left xx inches", "move right -xx inches" screen I saw. Even freebie label printing programs give you the option of selecting the Avery label number!!!! That other screen is Neanderthal. (this coming from someone who began programming pcs when you still had to give the row/column offset for reports and screen displays, and screens were called CRTs - monochrome, of course)