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  1. I found my problem was a windows update problem. There was an update that could not install because another update was not installed. Try going to Microsoft update and click on CUSTOM updates. See if there are any software updates there you need. Then go back and do an express update. This worked for me. Not sure why but I didn't want to argue with success.
  2. I'm having a problem similar to what Von was having. Every time I start any of the programs in Roxio 8 after a minute or so the windows installer starts. I’ve tried letting it get whatever it wants by pointing it to the installer disk but it doesn’t help. I’ve tried doing a clean install by manually removing the program and by doing an add/repair program. The programs all worked until a little over a week ago when I had to reinstall windows ( XP Pro) and since then I’ve had problems with Roxio. Any suggestions?