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    Burning Avi Files

    Thanks for both replys. I will do much more experimenting and reading. JCB
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    Burning Avi Files

    I am trying to copy VHS tapes, thru a Plextor PX TV 402 U converter, to my Mac mini (OS X 10.4.5) using the EYETV (1.8.5) software bundled with the Plextor. I set the EYETV pref's to record as an MPG 4 file and after running the tape and doing the conversion I have used the "Burn with Toast" button to boot Toast (Toast Titanium 7.0) which exports the file to the Toast icon. From the side menue I have selected the "video DVD" option and, with no problems, burned the disc. My problem is that what I end up with is two files, a "Video TS" and a "Audio TS" set of files not the MPG 4 file I was expecting. My Question, How do I take the EYETV file and burn a DVD, using Toast, and end up with an .MPG 4 file? I have just started this project and do not know all of the ins and outs of this process BUT want to learn. Thanks JCB