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    Error Msg. when logging into Media Import

    Here is a cautionary tale. I recently performed a clean install of the software on my Toshiba notebook. It seems the thing got hung up on a *.gho file, which is a Symantec Ghost file. I do have Symantec Ghost, but had at no time installed it on this machine and especially so in that I was in the middle of a clean install. It was Toshiba that was using Ghost, not me! Manufacturers have to use software too, and in this case it was the manufacturer that was using this particular software for this particular (restore) operation. The source of the problem, incidentally, is that I had greasy fingers and had left a partial fingerprint on the reading surface of the hitherto pristine CD, to my unbounded disgust. It was human error, and my own fault. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't worry about finding suspicious files, but vast numbers of computers ship with a trial version of Norton Antivirus, for example, and there seems to be no escape from the array of AOL and such options offered on a computer, for which files may hang around forever. You may be barking up the wrong tree in worrying about that discovery.
  2. peterg8

    Taiyo Yuden finally have a Dual Layer disc

    ' Perfect for Saving Long-Running Sports Programs' According to Wikipedia, a cricket match can last six or more hours a day for up to five days in one form of the game. Let's watch the full five days non-stop so we don't miss anything.
  3. peterg8

    16-core 'personal' supercomputer

    In today's dollars, do you realize what my Commodore 64 was worth when new? In today's dollars, do you realize what my Compaq 5300 was worth when new? Computers are now a commodity, thank heaven, and if you can actually use that much computing power and if the machine is reliable then you can certainly afford it in terms of computing power for dollar of cost. The cost in terms of what it might do to your personal finances or marital bliss is beyond the scope of the present comment and will vary from user to user. Then again, the application you have in mind would have to pretty exotic, to say the least. It all boils down to having an application that justifies the cost. Astrophysics? Qantum mechanics? Brain scans? What are you into anyway? Do you have any idea of how powerful that contraption is in historic terms?
  4. peterg8

    Buying a new digital camera

    Speaking of kids in a candy store and doing or not doing your homework... I wanted a camcorder in a hurry with some narrowly-defined specifications which for once did not involve much resolution (being a still camera buff), although additional features are always welcome, and ended up getting one on a salesman's recommendation within about 20 minutes. I told him what I wanted it for, he recommended several, pointing out that they had been recently discontinued and were at a discount, I went to the same store's discount outlet half a block away and they had another model in the same series with even more features for the same price. I purchased it on the spot (a Canon Optura 60, new) for 30% off the price it had been a very short time ago. There really was a rush on this and I still have to learn to use the thing. It has an enormous number of bells and whistles, but both salesmen seemed to know what they were talking about and understood my needs, and I couldn't justify a lengthy search. Maybe I was lucky and maybe I wasn't, but camcorders are foreign to me and only time will tell. Now that I have it I can read the reviews. If anyone has one and has any horror stories or good reports, I'd be intersted to hear them.
  5. peterg8

    More Microsoft Invasion?

    This takes the cake, and I can't help but wonder if this is now malware that Microsoft has brought upon itself. I think this began to occur either late last night or early today, June 3, 2006. It may have even been the day before yesterday. When I boot either of two machines I get a message from Windows, before my ZoneAlarm Security Suite has loaded, that my ZoneAlarm AntiVirus protection may be out of date, and to click the balloon to check. I have tried both leaving the balloon alone and checking it, and if I check it I go straight to Windows update and the now-infamous update that is the subject of this thread. Has anyone else encountered this?
  6. peterg8

    More Microsoft Invasion?

    I think the US DOJ took a crack at it without success, if memory serves me right. I am on the verge of doing a clean XP Pro install with SP1 and SP2, possibly slipstreamed, on a significantly upgraded computer, complete with removable second hard drive (in a bay), and I don't know what to expect. I'll have to get the many updates subsequent to those automatically, so as not to get the bad ones, and along with those will come the subject of the present thread. Since what I have is geniune I can't say it bothers me in principle to install it once, but I am quite certain that I have installed that particular 'feature' more than once or twice. Why are they forcing it upon me again and again? And why are they doing it now, when their April updates were such a disaster?
  7. peterg8

    Screen Grab of Video Overlay

    Hardcopy is pretty heavy-duty, but I'm not sure whether or not it will do what you want it to do. My licenced version is over 18 MB before installation (and mine is slightly out of date), but you can try the lighter freeware version.
  8. For those of us who can always use the help: 1. If we purchase an off-the-shelf computer, especially a laptop, how do we find out what drivers we have, and where to find the updates? 2. How do we reduce the amount of unnecessary stuff that starts and runs in the background. The startup folder is simple enough, but Task Manager shows a million things, none of which I have any idea of the necessity or otherwise of.
  9. peterg8

    The Real Reason Why Windows Vista Was Delayed

    Here, copied from Outlook Power Magazine, and relevant to matters of intellectual property and Microsoft's own activities in that regard, is another development: Symantec sues Microsoft Symantec has launched a suit charging Microsoft with misappropriating its intellectual property and with violating a license related to data storage technology. The suit, filed Thursday in U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington in Seattle, seeks unspecified damages and an injunction barring Microsoft from using the Symantec technology, which would include a halt on Windows Vista and the Longhorn server, according to a copy of the filing.
  10. peterg8

    Vista requirements

    All I can think of was the pre-release hoopla over XP only to discover that vast numbers of third-party software vendors did not have ready products or drivers, including those who wrote applications for XP itself. I don't know what made me think of that, apart from Gary's post, but it just crossed my mind.
  11. peterg8

    Vigilante Trojan attacks

    Does this mean that it can wipe out tracks that I have copied from a CD that I have purchased and am converting to MP3 for my personal listening pleasure, and have no intention of sharing with anyone, although I reserve the right to listen to it in the company of one or more others for our mutual enjoyment?
  12. peterg8

    Buying a new digital camera

    It's spring (at least in the northern hemisphere, where the biggest market is). This is the season when manufacturers introduce new models with better specs, vendors are clearing old stock, and it pays to shop carefully. You may not find anything of interest here, but a quick look at a show in Toronto can be seen at http://www.henrys.com/webapp/wcs/stores/he...to/general.html The show's dates will give you some sense of timing, since what will be on display are new models. This is when they come out. (Don't let the slick advertising fool you about the show: the convention centre this is at is halfway to the North Pole so far as the rest of the city is concerned.) If you want to just look at cameras, Henry's and Vistek are two of the biggest local outlets, and both are reputable and have web sites. I don't know how much mail-order business they do but I doubt that they're really set up for it, but you can certainly order from the States or elsewhere if you spot a deal and the exchange rate is favourable, and you might at least get ideas by window shopping. Like all electronics, specs are getting better and prices lower all the time. I recently purchased a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W100, which is a pocket camera, for about $500 Cdn. (plus tax) including a GB of memory. It has 8.1 megapixels (I can set it to less, but I use the maximum setting). I use it alone, or I take it along with my two 35mm bodies and however many of my seven or eight lenses I have with me. (I am definitely not in the market for a digital reflex camera.) I'm very impressed by the performance of the Sony, and I wouldn't settle for less than the 8 MP now that I have it. It does mean having larger file sizes, but the remedy for that is deleting after viewing on computer. Like any contraption a camera has features some will love and others will hate. How many features built into your word processor do you actually use? I like the software that comes with my Sony, of all things.
  13. peterg8

    Cd-rw Errors

    No one seems to have mentioned write speed in this thread. Has anything changed in that department, or is there a bottleneck now that wasn't there before? Having a disk on the receiving end that is capable of fast recording isn't going to help you if you can't reliably copy to it at the speed you're using, whatever that may be.
  14. peterg8

    D2D tale

    Now it's back to normal after numerous updates from MS (and HP), and an uninstall and re-install. Apparently there are more unscheduled updates to come from MS next Tuesday, so others with the problem might give it a try as the various conflicts are worked out.
  15. peterg8

    Coaster toaster

    Thanks to all for the fun answers as well as the serious. Some of the links proved very interesting. I guess if you have a lot of them, or expect to be in business for a long time, a CD/DVD mechanical 'wrecker' would be best, and if a market exists and is recognized, manufacturers will offer such devices at a reasonable price.