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    Sonic DVD Slideshow

    I am in the HP Photosmart Premier 6.5 when I get the error message. Thanks for your help.
  2. Pooka7

    Sonic DVD Slideshow

    I don't have a DVD burner. I thought I needed the Sonic DVD Slideshow in order to burn a CD that would play on most DVD players. However, I got the same error message when I tried burning the slideshow to a CD. Here are my id strings under DVD/CD-ROM drives: HL-DT-ST CD-RW GCE-8483B SAMSUNG DVD-ROM SD-616E
  3. Pooka7

    Sonic DVD Slideshow

    I am trying to make a CD/DVD slideshow using HP Photosmart Premier 6.5. I bought the download of Sonic DVD Slideshow for my Sonic Record Now Version 6.5. After preparing the slideshow and trying to burn to a CD, I get the error message "Could not find a valid write device." I hope someone can help me. I've spent 2 hours trying to find solutions at the Sonic and HP sites. I'm getting very frustrated.