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    Got to wonder why

    Go to wonder why we keep playing this game with companies that can't even got their own sites to work. Plus we are all slaves to updates that come to soon and screw everything else up. Developers need to slow down and check their work better. It is getting embarrasing for them.
  2. dunce3000

    Problem Logging in 16/01/08

    They could care less! I;ve been trying to log in for a week with no luck to the service section. There are problems and they are trying to avoid the customers. Their products are easy to use but their online service is pathetic. No wonder their stuff doesn't work anymore!!!!
  3. dunce3000

    Toast 8 adding noise to my audio

    We are all suffering. You are not the only one. I don't think they care as long as we give them our hard earned money.
  4. dunce3000

    Toast 8 adding noise to my audio

    Toast 6 has the same issue after the 10.4.11 update. That is why i bought toast 8 only to have the same problem. Come on companies....work together. I think Roxio does not want us contacting tech as it never loads the tech page for me on any computer. It;s loaded 2 out 30 times i've tried. Does anything computer related work in the world anymore???
  5. dunce3000

    Toast 8 adding noise to my audio

    Hopefully this means a patch soon. What a drag all this updating crap. How's about making a product that is good for more than a few months. Do we really need all these poor attempts at upgrades. They cost us more than they are worth. Computers are so worthless when it gets like this.
  6. dunce3000

    Toast 8 adding noise to my audio

    \ I have the same problem with DP4 48kaaif files are distorted. It is not there on any other file type. Only 48k. It is digital distortion. This is with 8.0.3 and qt 7.03 All the latest updates. It is a quicktime update that messed with everything As soon as i did the 10.4.11 updates Final Cut Express and toast died. It is not protools related.