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    Please Help Me Design A New Pc For Hd Editing

    It will be HD editing. Overkill is the wrong word, maybe dual core is sufficient? I can get the Q9600 2.6Ghz for $179, and can get a MB for less than $200. Low $100's if I go with DDR2 Ram. Then I have to worry about proper cooling (can't forget that video card) for it all as I've never built anything with more than 1 CPU. That's why I was considering your C2D 8500 ....CD, as you mentioned it runs cool. Pete
  2. ptbpilot

    Please Help Me Design A New Pc For Hd Editing

    Thanks Dave, CD, With this machine it will be just video editing and thats it (at a time anyway). My other machine will stay my everday workhorse. So I guess I'm going to go with the Dual Core then, 64bit, Raid0, DDR3 (why not) and the 512MB card. Quad core seems like overkill for what I'll be doing. Pete
  3. ptbpilot

    Please Help Me Design A New Pc For Hd Editing

    Thanks again everyone! One last question.... CD, I looked up the items in your system on newegg, if you could build your system again would you go with QUAD core? Or are you happy with the performance you see with your Dual Core? I don't see too much of a cost difference, it seems it comes down to power and cooling? Pete
  4. ptbpilot

    Please Help Me Design A New Pc For Hd Editing

    Thanks for the replies! I think for CPU I may opt for the Intel q9400 quad core 2.6ghz socket 775. The big thing will be finding a mobo that is 1333, supports raid etc.... I am considering making the system 64bit to take advantage of the RAM greater than 3GB. Is this the way to go? Does Creator 2009 support Vista 64 bit? Am I to expect a lot of trouble with a 64 bit system? If I go 32 bit, I'll def go with the Raid0 and will probably go with DDR2 as most of the mobo's I see for the Intel are very reasonably priced. I could check into DDR3 compatible boards. What do you consider "LARGE" L2 cache? Do I need a video card with a GPU? Thanks!! Pete
  5. ptbpilot

    Upgrade To 2009 - System Requirements

    Well, ok yes.....but I could have sworn I posted it here in this forum? I didn't see my posting so I didn't know what happened? I posted again.
  6. I am a EMC9 user and am interested in upgrading to Creator 2009 and get into Hi Def editing and buring. I would be capturing HD video from a Canon camcorder. I have been following the threads about the Blue Ray plug in and the requirements for burning SD as opposed to HD DVD's. What I really need to know, as I will be building a new PC for this, is what are the minimum requirements for the hardware and what is prefered to not only run 2009 but edit HD video smoothly. Thanks in advance, Peter
  7. Currently I am a Roxio EMC9 user, and capture MiniDV from a Sony camera and edit to SD DVD. I am looking to enter the world of HD editing and capture from a HD camcorder. I am looking for input as I will be putting together a new PC for this process. I am considering the following, please tell me what you think and feel free to make any suggestions. Keep in mind this is for capture and editing of HD video from a Canon HD camcorder (AVCHD format IIRC) and I don't have an unlimited budget. Processor: Dual Core Pentium of at least 3 GHZ. Do I really need to go up to Quad Core? RAM: 4GB DDR2 Min GHZ requirement? Graphics Card: Here I really need suggestions! I believe this is where I should splurge. ATI or NVIDIA with at least 256MB on it? What about cards with a GPU? Capture video: Currently I use Firewire for my SD Sony MiniDV. What do HD camcorders use? Are there HDMI PCI cards or do I stick with firewire? HDD: I think 2 SATA drives 7200RPM are a given. One for O/S and the other dedicated to storage and file transfer. I have been following the threads about AVCHD and BD and SD DVD. I think as the price comes down I will move up to a BD burner and buy a BD unit for the home. It sounds like in the mean time I can capture and edit in HD and compress that down to SD for now. Later I can burn it in HD when I obtain BD. If I come across a cheap BD player for the home I can burn using the plug in to a standard DVD for now and play it in the home BD player? Thanks in advance. Pete
  8. I want to enable Hard Drive Compression on my NTFS drives. I am running WinXP Pro. Before I do so, are there any known issues with EMC9 if it is enabled? Thanks in advance. Peter
  9. I have been using EMC9 with Firewire capture of mini DV from my Sony camcorder with good results. I purchased a Dazzle DVC100 for capturing analog video I have. Here is the thing...It works using the included Studio10 s/w ok. I have no problems with the video quality and audio. My issue is that when I try to use my prefered method of using EMC9 to capture and edit, the video and sound is choppy, will 'slow down' at parts clearly noted by the audio sound track, and there is a lot of popping cracking. I am running Windows XP SP2. Has anyone else ran into this issue with the DVC? I have the latest drivers for my sound cards and video cards. Like I said I can capture firewire fine with EMC, and the video captured using the Dazzle s/w is fine on playback. What might be the issue? Thanks, Peter
  10. When installing EMC9 I had quickly read over the Read-Me file. One item caught my eye and I was hoping someone here could elaborate. It said that if you install 2 of the same model DVD burners in your PC, then Roxio might not detect both of them. Has anyone heard of or encountered an issue like this? I have one Samsung OEM DVD+/-RW in my machine that works really well. Whats more my picky Sony Set top DVD player/burner has no problems with the DVD's I burn in it (no skipping). I'd like to get another of the same since its only $29 and install in my pc so I have 2. But I don't want any copying issues. Thanks, Pete
  11. <bump> I am still having this issue whereas the sub-menu does not have any animation. Any ideas anyone?
  12. ptbpilot

    new thread

    That was it thanks!
  13. I am having this issue consistently. After my project is complete, I click on the 'running man' icon to enable motion menus. I get the pop up that tells me that this will enable motion on all sub menus, and that I should wait till I am completely done. I am done so I click ok. At that point I burn to DVD. When I play back the completed DVD, I notice that the Main Menu has animation and I see the video clip playing. When I click on the submenus there is no animation (the clips are still and the menu is too), just the music. What can I do to resolve this? I notice that throughout the project, next to the animate button there is a green arrow showing to the left of preview. Clicking on this green arrow as well as clicking preview will preview the project (again no animation on submenus). If I disable animation this green arrow will be a " pause sign. At the very start of a project should I be disabling motion and at the very end re-enable motion? Thanks in advance. Peter
  14. ptbpilot

    new thread

    Grandpabruce, I saved as the iso file as you suggested. However, in my original project when I saved it as a DVD, I went thru the process of creating menus and submenus with chapter points at the desired locations. Then I tweaked the text and after saving the project and burning to DVD all works ok. When I save as an iso and burn to DVD, there are NO Menus just the movie. Did I forget a step? Is it possible to save the menus on the iso file? If I have to go thru the trouble each time of recreating the menu and chapter points this method may not be worth the time savings, but may have archival value. Thanks, Peter
  15. ptbpilot

    new thread

    Thank You! Most of my projects I keep to an hour, but if I run long I will try your method.