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  1. vid2man97

    Can't Log In To The Roxio Community?

    Thanks for the login link Brendon. Though I don't need to surf the forum for help and I'm not really qualified to offer any, I've looked in from time to time just to "see how everyone's doing". It's nice to actually be able to say "Hi". So, "Hi, glad everythings improving".
  2. vid2man97

    New Zealand Earthquake

    Glad to hear you're ok Brendon. From what I've been seeing on the news you were hit pretty badly down there.
  3. vid2man97

    Advice On Media Players (Not The Software Kind)

    Hey Brendon! As I said, long time no hear. I actually come by often and read but I haven't had much to say and I'm not really qualified to help people with their problems software-wise. Anyway, I appreciate the advice..it sure is feature packed. I even found an American reseller not far from me so shipping is reasonable. Thanks.
  4. Hello all...it's been a while. I've been toying with the idea of using a media player for watching my videos from hard drive as opposed to burning dvds. Now, I figure if anywhere I can find people with experience in digital video, it's here. So here's where I'm at. I bought a WD HT tv model and it seemed to work well. I had no trouble watching my .vob files (on a "regular" tv). The only problem I had was reliability. It stopped playing files after a week. I got a replacement and it died after two days. If you've hung in with my story of woe here, there's a point. And the point is I'd like to ask for advice if anyone here's had any experience with any brand of players, especially on the reliability front. I've been eye-balling a player by Lacie and another by Argosy which can be purchased with built-in HDs. The first brand I'm familiar with and the second not. Though, brand name doesn't seem to have mad a difference with my first choice. For the moment, HD video is not a big priority, just simple reliability, ease of use and that it can play pretty much any format though the "standard" ones are more important. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  5. vid2man97

    Cineplayer 5.3

    The Avatar Blu has very new (took them six months to make it) anticopy software on it. This may or may not explain any DVD player or computer or software that has problems playing it. I'm not an expert on this stuff, but it's the only thing I can think of that may be causing an issue.
  6. vid2man97

    Cineplayer Frame Capture, Where is it!?

    I'm glad I stopped in here today and saw this. I very rarely have any reason to capture my screen but should I need to, this will do nicely (and the price is right). thanks cd
  7. vid2man97

    What OS do you use?

    I have three computers (one is actually not "mine" but my wife's laptop) running winxp32. Hers came with vista and an optional "rollback" to xp and she chose to do so as it would run faster and she was familiar with xp. I have one tower that's strictly for Adobe products (photoshop, dreamweaver etc.) and has no unnecessary programs on it, eg. antivirus to allow it to run as quick as possible with the 2 gig of ram limit ( though I do have 3gig on board). I do want to go to a 64 bit system so I can add ram as my cams are putting out ever larger files (my 5dII is pumping out 30meg+ raw files, over 120 megs in tiff). The problem I have is I have a lot of 'plugin' software for photoshop that is either unstable or unsupported in 64 bit systems (still!). I'm hoping that'll change in win7. Going to mac isn't an option for me. It's just too costly to repurchase all that software.
  8. vid2man97

    I have no problems, errors, hangs, crashes

    Hi again, been too long since I said hello. I'm still using the creator 10 suite. It does all I need it to do and more. I have it to supplement my main end of the business, photography. Yes, the water still 'falls' over the cliff here.
  9. Hey there users/troubleshooters/lifesavers. It's been an age since I've had problems of any sort and it seems a lot of time people don't call or drop by unless they have a problem. I'm one and I've gotta say I don't have any problems and instead of just passing by and peeking at the general chat section as I do once in a while, I thought I'd actually pause a second to say 'hey'.
  10. vid2man97

    Technical Question Regarding Ie7 And Emc10

    Thanks for confirming that for me. I've blocked 7 since it came out (as I was still using EMC8 at the time). I've seen posts where it bothered some ver.9 users and wasn't as sure about 10. I'm not keen to get ie7 but in case I can't get rid of this irritating "error" message I figured as a last resort I could just let it in. Or, as I said, I could just ignore the message as I'm pretty sure it really does no harm to anything. IE6 is still functional, just for some reason during the last windows update, something in it got a little mangled. Thanks again.
  11. I was wanted to confirm something that I'm pretty sure of after reading some posts in the EMC10 forums. Presently, I'm using IE6 (for windows updates...I normally use FF3 for browsing). Yesterday I started to get this message closing down IE about instruction at "such and such" referenced memory and couldn't be read and so on and click ok to terminate it. Not really a big deal at all. So MS tells me I can click on the inf file to repair it or install IE7. That leads me to my question. Just to set the issue straight in my mind, I've read that IE7 can hurt earlier versions of EMC, but that 10 is pretty much immune. Or...I guess I could just ignore the issue and just click "ok" after checking for windows updates. thanks all
  12. vid2man97

    Latest Ati Drivers

    Yup, that's the one. I only mentioned it in this forum in case anyone had anything odd going on, so that they'd think about the drivers instead of blaming the software. Glad you're still running ok. I don't know what's up with that driver, just that it affects some programs and hopefully EMC is immune. It's playing havoc with Photoshop and I and a few others have contacted ATI and sent them the links to the threads about it at Adobe.
  13. vid2man97

    Latest Ati Drivers

    About a week ago I updated my vid drivers from last Dec.'s to the newest from Jan. I didn't do much work with EMC10 in the last week (so I don't know if this would've been a problem there), but boy did I have problems in Photoshop CS3 (though oddly CS4 was unaffected). I had images fracturing when zooming and cropping. I couldn't figure it out because my newer version including Lightroom seemed unaffected. But, some poking around on the ATI forums told me that for some people, the newest driver has been affecting xp systems along with various xp windows, not just the programs. So I rolled back and all is well. Just goes to show that the latest drivers aren't always the best. I don't know if anyone's had any issues with any of their Roxio products, but it's something to keep in mind if you're using any of the mentioned radeon products. here's the link to one such discussion with a few of the affected cards mentioned.. http://forums.amd.com/game/messageview.cfm...word1=hd2600pro
  14. vid2man97

    Recommendations On Defragging

    Thanks for the link to the tests. It appears that (compared to last year's versions at least), auslogic is just as good. The only issues I was wondering about (in diskeeper's new version) was its ability to place programs optimally, along with defragging the mtf and page files. I did note though that auslogic is planning to include that in the future too (mtf), so maybe waiting and saving a few dollars would be the way to go for now.
  15. vid2man97

    Recommendations On Defragging

    I'm back and I tried out Auslogic. It sure is a step above winxp's basic version. Disckeeper has a 30 trial so I'll give that a shot to see if it can really tidy things up more such as the mtf and paging files as they claim. As always, I appreciate the time everyone took to offer advice.