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    Bump V.7

    BUMP 6 seems to offer this capability OK - to create a disaster recovery set. it requires ones original XP install CD; upto 4 floppies, and media for the DVD writer. I got my BUMP 6 as part of EMC7, which I then upgraded to 7.5 some time back. But, having looked at BUMP7, this capability seems to have disappeared!! Regards
  2. derekbarrier

    Bump V.7

    Originally, Sonic cust service had advised me that EMC 10 was fully compatable with BUMP. I bought it, and then discovered that it was not, and Sonic admitted their error. Previously I was using EMC 7.5, which included BUMP6. I specifically wished to have BUMP capability - hence they gave me a "free" BUMP7 download. Maybe, I just need to "forget" BUMP7.and go back to BUMP6, which does work. But, I then just feel a bit agrieved at Sonic due to their incorrect info. But, it does surprise me that BUMP7 does not sem to be compatable with one of the major players in the tape-drive hardware market. Thanks for your interest. Regards
  3. derekbarrier

    Bump V.7

    BUMP7 only allows one to backup to DVD writer; or hard drive. Thus a USB tape drive must be recognized as a "formal" drive in Windows explorer. My drive is NOT recognised as a formal hard drive with drive letter - although it is running normally and recognized in the hardwire devices when checking through My Computer Device manager. Previously I used BUMP6 - and here the device was recognized as one of the back-up options - along with hard drive files and DVD writer. Any ideas how to get my drive recognised please. I have latest HP driver file loaded.
  4. derekbarrier

    Backup MY PC

    Did HP ever get back to you with a fix - I have the same problem. My HP USB DAT drive used to work Ok with BUMP 6. Regards Post please, or email to barrie@drog.wanadoo.co.uk
  5. derekbarrier

    Backup MyPC

    ThaNKS JEAN. i'M ON xp. The issue, I thik is that when browsing for backup location, then when clicks the + on My Computer, the Tape Drive does not get allocated a drive letter. It is recognised in Device manager on My Computer, but never is regarded as a "hard drive." In BUMP6, that did not seem to matter. Maybe I'll ahve to rn that from my old EMC. Thnks again
  6. derekbarrier

    Backup MyPC

    I have been a user of EasyMEdiaCreator for some years now - using particularly the Backup MyPC utility, in addition to the DVD creation facilities in version 7.5. With that, I could backup to a DVD, but more usually I would backup to a usb tapedrive. It was also good that I could backup the system state from Windows XP home, which is my operating system. Also I could backup busy files. When considering an upgrade to EMC version 10, I enquired of Roxio tech support whether backup MyPC capability was in version 10, and whether the old files were compatable with the those from vesion 10. I was assured that there was compatability. Accordingly, I have purchased version 10, and have just installed it. I note that there is a backup utility in this version. But - 1. I cannot get any recognition of my USB tape drive as a backup destination. 2. Hence, I also cannot restore any old backup from tape as the tape drive is not recognised. 3. I cannot find any facility or capability to backup the system state. 4. I cannot find any facility or capability to backup busy files. Can anyone please assist me as to how to enable these capabilities in version 10. Thank you.