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  1. After moving .tivo video to my mac, it plays using the correct widescreen ratio. When I select the .tivo files (for AppleTV conversion), using AppleTV High presets (and turbo.264), the output is 480 x 360 (4:3). The video becomes scrunched, and side-bars are displayed when playing on AppleTV. When "popping," I can force it to use a widescreen ratio (through popcorn custom settings), but then it will not use the turbo.264, and will take over a day to convert a hi-def .tivo movie. The same hi-def .tivo movie will convert in a few hours using the turbo.264 (but the aspect ratio becomes 4:3 and the video is scrunched). How can I use Popcorn with the turbo.264 to convert .tivo files for AppleTV, while retaining the proper (widescreen) aspect ratio?