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    Videowave Stops Responding And Quit

    it was a clean install, the previous version was on another computer, but i think i have figred out the problem, I have to copy the video to my HD from the disk then import it before i can edit it.
  2. I previously hadEMC 9 and had some problems with it, but it was still better than nothing, so i upgrade to EMC 10 for my new vista machine. I have a bunch of dvds that i have created from my DVR and I am trying to edit out the commercials, but everytime I use it to tedit the video, Videowave quits responding and shuts down. "support" has given me a couple things to try but they haven't worked any sugggestions? Myspecs are Vista HP 2.2 Ghz dual core processor 256 Nvida 8600 video card 3 gigs of RAM 7200 RPM HD
  3. huskertko1

    Cd Key Not Valid

    I did and now it installed fine, one other thing, do i need to download the 9.1 patch for vista or not?
  4. huskertko1

    Cd Key Not Valid

    I tried to download the Zip file, but my virus protection quarantined it as a Trojan.
  5. huskertko1

    Cd Key Not Valid

    I just bought a new Dell XPS laptop and was going to install EMC 9 on it since it my desktop desn't have the muscle to run it. SO i go through the install process, and get to the point of typing in the CD key. I type it exactly as it is on the label, click next, and get a message that the CD key is invalid please re-enter it. I bought the software a year ago, and have installed and unistalled it on my desktop a couple times due to computer problems, and never had an issue the the CD key before. Any suggestions> The new computer is Visat HP.
  6. huskertko1

    Selective Install?

    I have V9 that I was using on my old computer, but just got a new laptop, and all I want to use from Roxio is Videowave for editing and MyDVD for burning dvd's. Can I just install those two programs and if not what are the minimum programs that will need to be install for Roxio to work? I am running Windows Vista Premium, Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.2 Ghz with 4 MB cache, 256 mb video card. Also my version of the Suite package were purchased over a year ago, is it still Vista Compatible?