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    How do I sort the imported clips

    When I drag in my clips in Date order, I find it real frustrating that Toast 10 changes the order from their entry order. How do I sort them by Date, or is Toast going to force me to bring each clip in individually? Thanks.
  2. ruffy


    I have read that Toast does a good job for the problem you face. I too have a JVC with MOD files on it. Once you hit on the Video tab, you can add your files via a browse window. But, frankly, I am stuck because I haven't figured out how to merge some added files to make them appear separately as "chapters".
  3. ruffy

    JVC Everio camcorder & .MOD files - DVD authoring

    I too own a JVC with MOD files on it. I want to use Toast 7, but it presents me with a major obstacle: - In the Video tab area, after I add files, how do I create chapters from the many shootings, when several of these belong together? Thanks.