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    Burning .mkv

    I'm on a mbp and I have a file in .mkv format, does anyone have any suggestions on the best way to go about burning this file to dvd with out loosing the quality, (given I have a dual layer dvd). .When I dragged it into Toast 9 it seemed to freeze up, i'm not sure if .mkv files are supported? Any way, i'm hoping there is a way to simply burn .mkv files to dvd but i'm guessing you must first convert them, in which case i'd hope there is a program that may convert an mkv to say a video_ts folder or author as dvd such as visual hub? any ideas? *blu ray discs usually are mkv format, does that mean i need this blu-ray plugin to burn mkvs? thanks
  2. pat157

    Burning .mkv

    yea I have that installed..haven't tried it in a while but i'll see how it goes dragging the mkv into Toast. Does anyone know what the Blu-Ray Hd plugins are? Would these help with convertign/burning mkv files?
  3. pat157

    Compressing Unauthored Vob

    Just converted .avi into .vob files using visualhub but didn't author them, I was hoping toast would be able to compress them, is that possible? I dragged the files in and it can burn them, but they come to 7.8 gigs or something and I need it on dvd-r . . thanks
  4. pat157

    Compressing Video To Certain Size?

    I need to compress a 660 mb .wmv file so I can upload it, and view it, on z-share, which means i need it to be under 100 mb. . is there a way to simply set a desired size for such a video and change it . . i know the quality will be be lower.. . thanks
  5. Ever since I upgraded to toast 9 i've been getting "The video_ts folder source appears to be damaged" when I drag the desired folder into Toast. The folder plays fine in mac's dvd player. . .it's not the video_ts folders i've been trying either as they are no different from other which burned fine.. . is their a patch or issue with this . . . . thanks
  6. pat157

    Burning Avi Videos

    Which setting do I use to burn a bunch of half hour avi videos from my macbook pro to dvd using toast 9? is it Divx disc? I just tried that and the burn worked, but the dvd doesn't play in anything, which leads me to believe its hard to find a dvd player that plays avi files. . .thus do you guys suggest i convert the videos to .mov or mp4 or something so i can play them in a standard dvd player? thankss
  7. pat157

    Burning Avi Videos

    k . . is it easier to convert them to .mov or mp4 or something cuz it seems like it's taking along time to encode avi's before the burn even starts . . thanks though
  8. pat157

    Sense Key= Illegal Request

    I'm trying to burn using a video_ts folder, each time I get a "Sense Key=Illegal Request. Sense code:0x26. INvalid field in parameter list". . .the video_ts folder plays fine in my dvd player on my mac. . .any solutions ???
  9. pat157

    Sense Key= Illegal Request

    nope, exact copy of original . . tried buring in UDF same exact error came up within 3 secondds of burn. . . :angry: at all these wasted dvd+r 's
  10. pat157

    Burns . Without Sound?

    Alright this issue was with the media I was burning, not toast.
  11. pat157

    Burns . Without Sound?

    tried backing a dvd, burn worked fine, but with out sound . . . any ideas?
  12. pat157

    Illegal Burn Request?

    Been getting an illegal burn request on this one video_ts folder for the last two tried while trying to burn it onto a dual layer dvd. . the dual layer dvds have burned before so I don't think it's them . . any ideas?
  13. pat157

    External Burner? Suggestions?

    I bought toast 8 titanium for my Macbook Pro and it's been working well. Twice now i've bought packs of 30 blank dvd-r's TDK and Memorex, neither of which had any that worked . . , but when I buy them one at a time at the local bookstore (Verbatim) it works fine, i guess I should have bought Verbatim. Any way, do people use external burner writers on the Mac? I already have toast 8 so i'm not looking to buy any deal that comes with external burner and toast software or something, and I can write them fine (usually) using my regular drive on my mac, but are there any external burners for mac that anyone would recommend for me, I'm not looking to burn dual layers so i'd be using it for normal dvd burns . THanks
  14. pat157

    Audio: 'all' Vs 'main' Question

    I noticed taking the main sound from a movie reduces the compression by 7 or 8%, does it make a big difference whether you have ''all'' or ''main'', in this case just English DTS 5.1? I've seen French Dolby 5.1 or something, does that apply to a certain french stereo system or is it simply another name for a background sound in the main movie that affects the sound on any system.. . . I've chosen to compress the audio a few times and haven't noticed a big difference on my tv at school, but when I go home and play it on sorround sound i'm wondering if it will lack . . .
  15. pat157

    Best Quality Dvd-r Brands. . .

    I bought 50 or so DVD-R TDK's a couple weeks ago, 5 or 6 of them worked for burning movies on, but now none seem to work. I just bought Toast and tried them and they didn't work using this either so I'm guessing it's a bad batch of DVD-R's.. . . does anyone have any suggestions on what brand is the best for burning TS_Video movies on my Macbook Pro, least amount of medium write errors. . THankssss