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    Burning Problems

    I tried doing it just as avis, and it seemed to have worked. thanks for the help! i dont know why i didnt think of that before...
  2. watts

    Burning Problems

    Okay, the first thing i did was convert avi files so they were in a video_ts folder. then in popcorn i drag them into popcorn to make a compilation DVD in the middle of burning i get that message everytime. that's pretty much all that has happened, but it never works. i've used popcorn a million times, but this is the first time i've ever had a problem, so hopefully this helps you. thanks!
  3. watts

    Burning Problems

    I have been using popcorn for a very long time for backing up DVDs, but i have recently upgraded to popcorn 3 because i have many small files on my hard drive that i wanted to burn onto one dvd, but never could before. i converted all these files to ts_video folders, and when i go to burn a compilation disc everything seems okay, but then i get an error message saying "sense key=illegal request sense code= 0 x 21, 0 x 02 BUFFER UNDERBURN". Of course i didnt know what that meant, so i looked it up and some people had the same problem. the advice given to them was to try a different brand of DVD, so i did that. i got a different error message, and the disc didnt burn properly again! so now, after wasting many DVDs, i have come to the experts for help. does anyone know what to do? (i have already tried to do it as a disc image, but that doesn't work either) any help would be greatly appreciated. ~~watts.