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    Multi-camera editing in Videowave

    I found them but the format is something that Windows does not associate the program with. Great find on the right click edit! Do like the movies do when you film multi cameras. Make the loud 'Click' or two at the beginning. That gives the editor set marks from each clip to synchronize with Leave it on until you are ready to produce your final burn clip then trim off that portion in VideoWave. ~ to be honest, I have not tried this but it sure sounds like I know what I am doing Keep us updated.
  2. Jim_Hardin

    MyDVD crashes after running for a while

    MyDVD essentially 'likes' almost all video files. Some can give it pause so let's talk about the specifics of where this file was produce. Resolution? A DVD will only be 720 X 480 @ 9 Mbps regardless of what you start with. A Blu-ray can only be as high as 1920 X 1080 @ 30 Mbps Second thing to consider is that a Standard DVD only hold 1 hour of HD video (2 hr on an 8K disc) BD is also 1 hour (25 GB) or 2 hr on a 50GB. Sadly, MyDVD won't use fixed rates and degrades quality to make over timed video fit! And it does so without any warning!!! Exact message would be great but I can tell you for sure that it checks media size before it starts.
  3. Jim_Hardin

    Multi-camera editing in Videowave

    I've never heard of anyone who got it to work! Mine always crashes when I load the files I cannot find where these files are saved to. Have you found any of them? I wanted to double click one or right click and choose Open to see if that would bring up the editor...
  4. Jim_Hardin

    Roxio Game Cap VS Roxop Gamecap HD pro

    Can't fix the delay. It was designed to Capture not to capture and use as a monitor to play the game with... That said most users find a couple of easy ways around that! Sounds like you are using your monitor to both play and capture at the same time. Two ways around it. IF you have a game/computer monitor use the Pass Through on the captue device and record using the Hot Keys. Defaults are Start Capture, F6 and Stop is F7. ~ there are others for pre-roll and add flags. Look them up under Tools, Options. The Hot Key method also works on laptops. Bring up your game then start Roxio. Start your game and use the Hot Key to start capture with Roxio. If the same Hot Key is used in your game, just manually start Roxio capture and use the Tab key to give your Game window the focus. Try it out and let us know how you make out of if you have problems
  5. I think he is asking it the product will continue to be supported and upsated. if that is the question, we don’t know We are users, not employees.
  6. Jim_Hardin

    Simply won't open!

    AtlanticVideography's solution would be HERE Please try it out and let us know
  7. Jim_Hardin

    Videowave crashes immediately

    Thanks tor clearing that up! Could be your solution will be useful to others that have this problem. For whatever reason, I do not seem to have it...
  8. Jim_Hardin

    Videowave crashes immediately

    Little confusing that you are running NXT 5 and using RoxioGameCAP HD for an example... Still I cannot duplicate your theory: I suggest you try a Repair on the GameCAP to see if that helps. (installing older software after the newest works best. Failing that, download and install the Revo Uninstaller. Then run it in Moderate Mode to remove any traces of Roxio. Do GameCAP first then NXT 5 Then turn off your Anti Virus, Firewalls, Registry Cleaners, etc. Now insert your NXT 5 Roxio Disc. Don’t do any updates at this time (get it running first) When the Install completes, turn your AV & Firewall back on and reboot. Test NXT 5 to make sure it is running OK. Then you can install GameCAP.
  9. The CD only installs itself and will not alter any existing projects. But you should know that it will detect your older version and remove it! Also that your previous projects may not be compatible with NXT 6.
  10. Jim_Hardin

    MP4 camera

    Kari: the problem is that there are long recordings and the majority of SD cards that camcorders have to be in FAT32 format. And FAT32 has a 4GB limit on file size Hence the separate files that have to be connected. I am hoping that if he can get by with the lower resolution, he can record without reaching the 4GB limitation.
  11. I have barely scratched the surface with PD but, yes it can do both of those as far as I know. For obvious reasons we are not here to support a competing product, but I'll see if one of the gurus can advise you on this.
  12. Sorry to hear you had those issues. One would think it not only do those things, but make it easy to do!
  13. Jim_Hardin

    MP4 camera

    The Canon will not accept NTFS nor will it accept a card unless it initialized it. Thus we are stuck in FAT32, which is used for it’s internal RAM Drive as well. The store clerk was mistaken, Sony is about the only camcorders that use mp4. The rest of the world use MTS for Hd Capture. (Sony developed MP4) Check your JVC, it will have lower quality setting. Try those with the tests I suggested. Do a short one first to make sure the quality will be acceptable for your purpose. Then do a long one, like you intend to use, and test the outcome.
  14. Jim_Hardin

    MP4 camera

    ECUMC: You raise a lot of conflicting issues The reasons you are having these are format, storage media and output. Format: the file size needed for the various formats is dependent on the resolution (720 X 480, 1920 X 1080, etc.) and the quality MBPS. Storage Media: if an SD card is used it will be formatted in FAT 32. Maximum file size is 4GB. On reaching that it will close the file and start a new one. You won't see it but you will hear an audio miss for what is lost during the file change. Output: Roxio does a full render on output whether it to the same format or a different one so you really cannot get around the time factor. IF the output matches the source file it will use Smart Rendering and speed things up. But a general rule of thumb is 1 hour render for a 1 hour source. As myguggi mentioned, that camcorder is overkill for your needs. Yes it does output in MP4. Also it uses exFAT for the SDXC card which I believe eliminates the 4GB limit... I suggest you run some tests with your Canon. Set your camcorder quality to that of a SP. You may want to repeat this with LP too. Then record one hour of TV and load it into Roxio to see how it looks to you and file sizes. If you don't have to merge files, you should be able to load your MTS file into MyDVD and create chapters and burn. Likewise the same MTS could be output in VideoWave to make the MP4 or just use Handbrake for that purpose. Let us know how this works out for you or what stumbling blocks you still have. Your project needs are a little different than what we are used to seeing, so maybe you can teach us a thing or two
  15. I doubt there would be any conflict but why not play it safe? With PD 17 installed, set a Restore Point in Win 7. Then install Creator 2012. Test them out and let us know
  16. Jim_Hardin

    Creator NXT 6 VS Toast...

    Caveat: Those features, languages and sub-titles, are normally found on commercial DVDs. It is normally illegal to copy a commercial DVD! Assuming these are not commercial or copyrighted, This 'stripping' is done when you use Copy and Convert to import the files. In there you can select what you want to copy. In this example I only want the English audio:
  17. Jim_Hardin

    differences between NXT 4 and NXT 6

    " No I got it from a friend who downloaded it and saved that file to a CD. I installed it from that CD. It appears to have all the program modules that you would normally see on the Roxio startup screen " You do realize that this practice is completely illegal???
  18. Jim_Hardin

    differences between NXT 4 and NXT 6

    I can't really think of any... But you can run both! Just install Creator 2012 AFTER you install NXT 4
  19. Jim_Hardin

    differences between NXT 4 and NXT 6

    Doesn’t reallY exist... It can best be described as another loss in capability with little gained ? They added Mutiple Camera Angles in MyDVD but gutted the best features... It doesn’t even look like it used to. Most of us feel that Creator 2012 was really the best.
  20. El dispositivo de captura tiene que ser enchufado en tu USB para aparezca. Debe verse así: ( The Capture Device has to be plugged into your USB for it to show up. It should look like this: ) Si no aparece: Desconecte el dispositivo y luego ejecutar una reparación en el software. ( If it doesn’t show up: Unplug the device then run a Repair on the software. )
  21. The Green color No Signal indicates that the device is not installed correctly. Here is the fix. 1 1. Under Other devices you will see TRANSCODER . Delete it then remove the GameCapture Pro from the USB connection. 2. Reboot and with the GameCapturePro still not connected, run the software install program again. Choose Repair when offered. 3 3. Reboot, plug in the GameCapturePro device and it should show up as a red colored No Signal. 4 4. Turn on your PS4 and it should work now. El color verde señal No indica que el dispositivo no está instalado correctamente. Aquí le damos la solución. 1. bajo otros dispositivos verá TRANSCODER. Eliminarlo y luego retire el GameCapture Pro de la conexión USB. 2. reiniciar y con el GameCapturePro todavía no está conectado, vuelva a ejecutar el programa de instalación de software. Seleccione reparación cuando ofreció. 3. reiniciar, conecte el dispositivo de GameCapturePro y debería aparecer como una señal de No color rojo. 4. Abra su PS4 y debería funcionar ahora.
  22. I do not speak Spanish so I am relaying on a translator. I guess the software did install correctly since it is running. Your picture indicates that the GameCAP device in not being recognized by your software. Check your USB connection to the device. I should look like this: No hablo a español así que yo soy la retransmisión en un traductor. Supongo que el software instale correctamente ya que se está ejecutando. La imagen indica que el dispositivo de GameCAP en no ser reconocido por su software. Compruebe la conexión USB del dispositivo. Debo parecer esto:
  23. Jim_Hardin

    quicktime 7.04 or greater issue

    That can be a sticky one to fix. I suggest you try to re-process the clip. Use something like VideoLAN or any other converter and have it translate it to some other format.
  24. Jim_Hardin

    Roxio Audio Issues

    Good deal!
  25. Jim_Hardin

    Roxio Audio Issues

    I was thinking of the White/Red Output ports of the the Component outputs. An adapter would work but before you buy one, confirm my guess with something that has those plugs ~ speaker sound system??? Sorry but I do not know a way to get audio out of a laptop when used as game player and recording at the same time