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  1. Itunes really shouldn’t have any effect on Roxio... Don’t recall anyone having a conflict issue between the two. If it does, and let us know, just install iTunes first the Roxio. Last install wins
  2. Jim_Hardin

    Roxio Audio Issues

    Plug the headset directly to the GameCAP output and not your laptop output. (should work ) Good catch on the speakers! I didn’t think of that.
  3. Jim_Hardin

    Posting a Picture

    Posting a picture on this forum is pretty easy: Click the 'Choose Files: Then Choose the files you want. (shift click for a range or control click to add or remove another): Set the cursor where you want to insert the Picture and press the '+' plus icon: And you are done:
  4. A screen cap of your project in VideoWave would really help at this point. General question, what happens when you try to add a transition? Just a blank window comes up? None of the circles with '?' marks? You should be able to insert your Roxio disc and select Repair when it is offered. No need to remove it first. Glad to hear your conversion worked out!
  5. First, you MOV should be compatible, but if it isn't, as you have indicated, you need to try something that is. VLC media player has a converter built in. It is easy to use: Actually you do not have to have the file showing, just activate the converter and add the file there. It is free so search it, download it and give it a try
  6. Jim_Hardin

    Roxio Audio Issues

    Sorry but I still don't have the complete picture... You are using both a PC as well as Laptop, correct? Which one are you playing the game you want to record on? Which one are you recording on? That USB connection goes to the device that you are recording on. Right click on your Speaker Icon (lower right corner) and check Recording Devices to make sure the GameCAP is selected.
  7. Jim_Hardin

    Roxio Audio Issues

    The Audio is taken from the Game Input to the GameCAP and the only audio out (to the PC) is from the GameCAP output in either HDMI or through Component audio. My best guess is if you disable this Demo audio and go from there... Let us know what happens
  8. Jim_Hardin

    Simply won't open!

    I have had this happen with older versions and what I do is instead of 'add photo/video' use Windows Explorer to drag/drop the file into the program. My Windows 10 with NXT 6 has not been doing this.
  9. Jim_Hardin

    Roxio Creator 2011

    Really sorry to hear that Even if the PC has died, you can normally recover the HDD data if it still works. Now if the HDD does not spin up then it is not worth the cost to have someone recover it.
  10. Jim_Hardin

    MyDVD & VideoWave 15 Hang Error

    Try creating a very short test project that mimics the structure of your problem project and see what happens to it.
  11. Jim_Hardin

    Roxio Creator 2011

    I don’t know how but it appears that the project file was deleted. Second thought... Open MyDVD and look at Files- Recent to see what the name is for that dmsm file. Then search for that. If you can’t find it, it was deleted. By chance didn’t you start the project in VideoWave? You most likely did and that means you can start a new MyDVD project and just add the VideoWave project to it as a movie.
  12. Jim_Hardin

    Roxio Creator 2011

    Not dumb at all! Use Windows Explorer. You can set your location to Libraries and type dmsm into the search window. You can do your search for your entire drive by selecting it on the left side.
  13. Jim_Hardin

    Roxio Creator 2011

    Wild guess here but that might indicate that you used a VideoWave project (dmsm) to make your MyDVD Project and it is no longer avaliable where MyDVD expects it to be. See if you can locate the dmsm file and make sure it opens ok in VideoWave. You may have to create a new project in MyDVD to get it to work.
  14. Jim_Hardin

    Roxio Creator 2011

    Mine goes like this: The Error message: After Go to Error is clicked: After Show Files is clicked: If those are the steps you take, it should tell you what is missing. What do you get?
  15. Jim_Hardin

    NXT Cretor 6 Pro Install Is Terrible

    The OP hasn't been back for 3 months so we have to assume he was able to resolve his issue. To be fair, Roxio was included in Dell computers for years. As a result there are millions of users that don't have issues It usually boils down to user settings in the video card or the video card itself. I install Roxio on 3 PCs as well as one laptop and never had an issue that I couldn't resolve. Most happy people don't write reviews so you always want to take them with a grain of salt Corel Video Studio is a good series of programs as well. If you like that one then stick with it!
  16. Jim_Hardin

    Roxio Creator 2011

    Doesn't that message include an option to locate the missing file? Assuming it does, it will tell you what file(s) are missing and you can either find them or see where you need to go from there. The usal suspects in this are that you moved or deleted a folder/file that was part of your original project.
  17. Jim_Hardin

    Editing in videowave

    I doubt it has anything to do with the file type... Curious, doesn't your Canon produce MTS files? When one gets jerky playback it is usually their video card settings. Try resetting them to defaults, reboot and load one short clip.
  18. Jim_Hardin

    Cannot add .jpg files to a video production in Videowave

    First guess would be that something in some of the files is corrupt... Then too the program may just be grouchy. In NXT under the photo tab is a program called Enhance Multiple Photos. This is just a test so first create a new folder and Copy your photos into that! Open Enhance Multiple Photos and add those copies to it. Select All of them and pick Resize under the second tab in there and allow it to overwrite the existing copies of the pictures. For the new size, pick what is appropriote to your project ~ 720 X 480 for DVD 1280 X 1024 for BD. Now see if you can add these revised copies into your project
  19. Outstanding! I will have to try that
  20. I'll attempt to duplicate your project. Update: I created a 30 minute project with 15 chapters and ran it on 3 different versions. Creator NXT Pro 6 was the only one that successfully completed the project. Creator 2012 Pro as well as Creator NXT Pro 3 both failed at the 97% mark I'll do a little more tinkering and hope someone else has a good idea about this Tried a couple more things. I noticed that an ISO file did exist and burned them to disc. Unfortunately neither would play. I did burn a No Chapter project directly to DVD but that doesn't resolver anything...
  21. mpeg is best for DVD as that will be the same as it uses on the disc. Encode at 6 to 8 mbps and make sure MyDVD is set to HQ. Oddly, filesize is meaningless to DVD Authoring. A 4.7 GB disc will only hold 1 hour of video or pictures at HQ! To get more you have to sacrifice quality. That brings to mind another possibility. If you are packing 2 hours onto a 1 hour disc, some serious rerendering is taking place. I wonder if that has any contribution to the audio issue? I kind of doubt it since I put a 2:48 hour project together with no distortion. Video sucked but audio was not distorted.
  22. Find your 'dmsd' file for your project. Delete the xxxx.dat file that is with it. See if that works. Plan B: Try a New Project in MyDVD. Don't waste too much time with it, just add the videos & clips and slap a bunch of chapters into it. Trying to see if your original project might have gotten corrupted. Plan C: Export As from VideoWave your complete project. Note the time spots where you want the chapters to fall. Use this new file as the basis for a new project in MyDVD and add chapters at those time points. We will beat this thing into submission
  23. Jim_Hardin

    Video Wave Audio "Fuzzy"

    Not a good idea to use an email address as your name or within your posts unless you like the spam you get I agree that the fact that several users are seeing this problem and there does not seem to be a known fix at this point is not good! Sorry you are having this issue but looking through your post I think I see one thing that is possibly common to your testing on various machines. The same file/project? I cannot reproduce this using a long file (2:48) Did you see/try any of the suggestions in this topic? I didn't follow your suggestion about the audio proxy file. Can you detail what you are doing there. Thanks, Jim
  24. Repair the Creator 2012 install: Insert the disc - start an install and when it asks, select Repair. Reboot. Then put all those files into Copy and Convert Video: Chose Convert Video - Create a Disc Menu and Save it to File/Folder If it works, try your original project. If your original project still fails, try it without any chapters or menus.