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    Cdspindoctor Very Erratic

    OK, thanks a lot for answering. It's cumbersome but workable, so I'll stick with it.
  2. dhussell

    Cdspindoctor Very Erratic

  3. dhussell

    Cdspindoctor Very Erratic

    I am trying to turn LPS into iTunes files with great difficulty. Sometimes it works like a breeze. Other times, creating waveform can up to 20minutes for one 3minute track. Why is it so slow? Also, having finally sent the track to iTunes, more often than not, only the first 10seconds have been recorded. I get round this by saving the track to the desktop and dragging it into iTunes. This way, the full track is imported. I would appreciate any help. I am using CDSpinDoctor5 with OS 10.6.4
  4. Hi...is it possible to transfer my old VHS tapes to DVDs using EMC 7.5 please?
  5. Is there any way I can transfer mini discs onto my PC and then onto my MP3 player please?
  6. dhussell

    Missing Files

    I am trying to burn a DVD of holiday pix but it refuses to burn because I am told there are files missing from two productions. It tells me to edit and locate the files but how? I have added transitions and music to all productions. I managed to get into "Browse for missing files" once and it suggests there is a problem with the audio background. Unfortunately, I have forgotten how I got there!!! Would welcome any help...
  7. dhussell

    Can't Put Text Onto Dvd

    Many thanks, that works a treat....
  8. dhussell

    Can't Get Audio Background

    Sorry - posted this is EMC8 by mistake, when I wanted EMC7.5.... I am creating a dvd but am having trouble adding audio background. When I search in My Music for appropriate music I find that some files will play but others won't. In Browser File I open one folder and the tracks are listed and will play. I open another and I get a blank screen - just the title of the track in the Look In window. Yet that track plays fine in Windows Media Player. Would appreciate some help. Many thanks
  9. I have just created my first DVD containing a pile of holiday shots separated between five titles but would have liked to add text to the photos. Is this possible?